The "international star" of the second season of "Mask Singer" was hidden under a costume while mirrors -


So it was her… We had heard about Lady Gaga, Madonna, Eva Longoria, Ariana Grande… It was finally Itziar Ituño.

Who is that ?

The Spanish actress and singer, revealed by her role as Raquel Murillo, alias Lisbon in

La Casa de Papel

, participated on Saturday evening in the second premium of

Mask Singer

on TF1.

In an unprecedented formula, Itziar Ituño was, in a splendid costume known as La Ballerina and composed of dozens of mirrors, invited to sing a single song before removing his mask after investigators tried to guess his identity.

The Ballerina performed

Lady Gaga's

Million Reason


A revelation that "puts on the ass"

TF1 had not hesitated to announce the arrival of a "real" international star, or at least "a world-famous personality" ... at the risk of disappointing.

Camille Combal had confided to having "taken a selfie" with the star in question.

Kev Adams, sometimes a critic with the

Mask Singer


, was also enthusiastic and promised that the revelation would "kick the ass" to viewers.

In this little game, TF1 has rather succeeded in terms of surprise, since no one had thought of an actress known for a single role in France.

On the other hand, by launching the crazy rumor machine, the channel had suggested that a Celine Dion or a Madonna could have landed on the set of

Mask Singer


After this revelation, Franco-centric speculations were able to respond with names like those of Dave and Valérie Damidot in the mouths of investigators.


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