Greta Thunberg, September 4, 2020 in front of the Swedish Parliament in Stockholm.


Fredrik Sandberg / AP / SIPA

Environmental activist Greta Thunberg on Friday evening denounced alongside other climate activists the new common agricultural policy (CAP) adopted earlier by the European Parliament, which "fuels ecological destruction".

"Eleven months after the European Parliament declared the climate emergency, this same parliament voted to pursue an agricultural policy which - in short - is fueling ecological destruction with nearly 400 billion euros", he said. she writes on Facebook, in a message co-signed with four other environmental activists.

"Are we disappointed?


Because that would mean we expected a miracle.

However, this day has shown once again the extent of the gap that exists between current policies and what should be done to be in compliance with the Paris Agreement, ”she continued.

A "greener" CAP but very insufficient

The European Parliament adopted on Friday a new “greener” CAP for the EU, which it must now negotiate with the States, but which NGOs and many MEPs consider very insufficient to respond to environmental and climate issues.

Some parliamentarians and a number of NGOs were disappointed and angered at the subsidies still supporting intensive agriculture and insufficiently encouraging more sustainable and environmentally friendly models.


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