In the ninth episode of Koh-Lanta: the 4 lands, broadcast Friday evening on TF1, two candidates have left the adventure.

At the end of an unprecedented test of comfort, Lola received a clue to find an immunity collar, before igniting the web by trying a real game of poker.

A week after reunification, episode 9 of

Koh Lanta: The 4 Lands

was marked by many twists and turns.

Three adventurers were able, for the first time in the history of Koh Lanta, to benefit from a comfort game reward.

A flagship candidate of the show left the adventure without being eliminated, during the immunity test.

And Lola, in danger during the council, tried a poker move that ignited the web, recalling Teheiura's precedent.

Three winners in the comfort game

Three awards.

This is what was offered, for the very first time, by the new game of comfort that the adventurers of the reunified tribe encountered.

Before the event, they had to choose between food, hygiene and strategy and face the people who chose the same reward.

At the end of a test combining patience and balance, Brice - who then won his very first individual victory - received the privilege of being able to shower and brush his teeth, after 24 days without soap.

As a bonus, the limousin enjoys a massage and a fresh mango juice.

Second winner, Alexandra is served a well-stocked burger.

Lola, who has chosen the strategy, receives a clue to find an immunity collar.

"I wanted to show that I did not have a collar. I wanted to bluff. During two councils I can be quiet," said the young northerner, who already had a first collar of immunity.

Bertrand-Kamal leaves the adventure

This is undoubtedly the most striking image of this ninth episode.

"Woe to the loser!"

: at the start of the immunity test, Denis Brogniart announces to the adventurers that whoever arrives last will be eliminated immediately.

At the end of a fierce fight during the traditional grappling hook test, in which Angélique stood out hands down, the final duel pits two leading candidates: Dorian and Bertrand-Kamal.

But the latter does not succeed in attracting the pieces of wood to him using the grapple.

Dorian completes the ordeal, the ax falls: end of game for Bourguignon, Bertrand-Kamal.

"We are relieved for two seconds to have won, but when we see the two that remain, we are disgusted ... I almost would have preferred it to be me", declares Laurent, tears in his eyes, at the end of the 'test.

Joaquina, in tears, already regrets the one "who has made her laugh for 25 days".

On Twitter, the reactions are raining, and aficionados of the show do not hide their emotion at the departure of this flagship candidate.

At the end of the show, alongside Bertrand-Kamal's father, presenter Denis Brogniart paid tribute to the 30-year-old adventurer, who died a few weeks ago from pancreatic cancer.

For 20 years, this is clearly one of the most poignant and memorable departures, one of the most beautiful # / lc72mgX9hC

- Michael (@ michaelbea8) October 23, 2020

Lola's poker move, Joaquina joins the final jury

The board is approaching and applicants need to refocus on their strategies.

With her totem pole, Angélique is untouchable, but her partner, Lola, fears that the clue she received at the end of the comfort game will penalize her.

But after a long search, the Northerner ends up finding her second immunity collar.

But while the candidate is in danger, she expresses her hesitation at the idea of ​​playing one of her necklaces during the council.

For their part, the former yellow seek to eliminate Joaquina, who has two votes in the next vote (Hadja having given him his black vote before leaving, the previous week).

Angélique tries to rally Fabrice to his cause, but the dean is lost, torn between his companions from the North, and his former red team.

The suspense is at its peak.

At the time of the count, viewers ignite on Twitter: Lola, more than ever in the hot seat, decides not to play her immunity collar, raising fears of the same disaster as Teheiura during the previous season.

Saved in extremis against Joaquina, who collected seven votes against her, the Lille girl finally remains in the adventure (with her two necklaces of immunity).

Joaquina is the fourth candidate to join the final jury.

Lola: "If I had two necklaces on #KohLanta frankly I would be quiet"

Teheiura in front of her TV:

- Michael Scott (@ Freezze2) October 23, 2020