Today (24th), Seoul recorded the lowest temperature this fall at 3.2 degrees in the morning.

Also in Seoul, the first frosts and ice of this fall were observed.

During the day, the sun will raise the temperature quickly, but it will be chilly as the cold wind blows all day.

I will stay at 14 degrees in the daytime temperature in Seoul.

As the temperature rose in the afternoon, all cold weather warnings that took effect in northern Gyeonggi and northern Yeongseo were lifted.

From tomorrow, the cold will gradually ease.

As the temperature gradually rises, the day after tomorrow in Seoul, the daytime temperature in Seoul will rise to around 20 degrees.

If you look at the current satellite image, the sky is clear across the country, and even the air is clean.

However, the wind will blow strongly today in the mountainous areas of Gangwon, coastal areas, and Jeju Island, and you should pay special attention to the swelling waves on the east coast and Yeongnam coast.

Today's daytime temperature is 14 degrees in Seoul, 16 degrees in Daegu and 17 degrees in Changwon and Busan, and the whole country will stay around 15 degrees.

For the time being, it will be sunny and the atmosphere will be very dry.

Please be careful of fire anytime, anywhere.

(Nam Yu-jin Weather Caster)