The first ice and frost were observed in Seoul this morning (24th).

The first ice frozen 15 days earlier than last year. As the temperature in the morning in Seoul dropped to 3.2 degrees Celsius today, it was as cold as mid-November.

Tomorrow, the wind will subside, and the cold will soothe as the daytime temperatures exceed normal levels.

However, as the atmosphere gets dryer, a dry warning has been issued on the east coast of Gangwon-do today.

As the wind blows strongly in the Gangwon mountain range until tomorrow, special care must be taken to avoid forest fires.

Tomorrow is generally sunny, and the morning temperature will be around 5 degrees Celsius.

The daytime temperature will rise significantly to 18 degrees in Seoul and 20 degrees in Gwangju and Daegu, and beware of swelling waves on the east coast.

For the time being, the temperature will be above the normal level, but from next Wednesday the temperature will gradually decrease.

(Nam Yu-jin Weather Caster)