Uber Eats rear-end collision and injured deliveryman and company sued October 23, 18:20


A woman in Osaka who was hit by a bicycle of a delivery person of Uber Eats, a delivery service for food, said, "Not only the delivery person who works as a private business owner, but also the operating company that supervises and supervises the food. There is, "and filed a lawsuit seeking damages from both the deliveryman and the operating company.

A woman in her 60s filed a lawsuit in the Osaka District Court, and in June, she was hit by a bicycle of a male deliveryman in her 20s at Uber Eats on a sidewalk in Osaka City and injured her neck. is.

The deliveryman was fined for driving while looking at his smartphone to search for a delivery destination.

Uber Eats delivery staff work as "individual business owners", and in the event of an accident, the insurance covered by the operating company "Uber Japan" can be used for damages, but negotiations with the other party must be done individually. Is that there is.

Since the woman could not negotiate in this negotiation, she insisted that "in fact, the operating company that directs and supervises the delivery business is also responsible", and the compensation of about 2.5 million yen for both the delivery person and the operating company I am seeking.

Meanwhile, the deliveryman and the operating company demanded that the proceedings be dismissed in the first trial held on the 22nd, and decided to make specific claims in the future.

The woman who filed the complaint said, "I want you to get rid of dangerous driving in the wake of the trial."

Operating company "I will not answer individual cases"

"Uber Japan," which operates "Uber Eats," commented that "we have not answered individual cases" in response to the trial.