Eighth newsletter - your bulletin (23/10/2020) recorded the activists ’interaction with the offensive cartoons of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, which they considered an assault on Muslim beliefs and have nothing to do with freedom of expression, accusing the French President of insulting the Holy Prophet.

Several of the most popular (trend) hashtags topped in a number of Arab and Islamic countries, through which activists demanded a boycott of French products, including the hashtags of “boycotting French products,” “Our Messenger is a red line,” “Macron offends the Prophet,” and “Stop insulting our Prophet.” ".

The boycott campaign and the activists' accusations of the French President of insulting the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, intensified through the platforms, after the authorities allowed the re-display of pictures of the "Charlie Hebdo" newspaper insulting to the Holy Prophet in a square in the city of Montpellier.

The organizers displayed large pictures on the facades of the buildings as part of their demonstrations to pay tribute to the teacher Samuel Barty, who was killed last week by a young Chechen Muslim.

Badr Al-Hamimi tweeted, "There must be an official and firm statement from Arab and Islamic countries, in addition to a popular boycott by all Muslims of France's products. France is waging an apparent war against Islam more than all European countries combined."

On the other hand, Ali Abdel-Rahim wrote, "who understood that Macron is an enemy not of Islam and its people, but rather an enemy of the secular values ​​to which he belongs."

Kuwaiti lawyer Nasser Al-Duwailah tweeted, "The difference between the French cheese boycott and the Turkish labneh is that the French cheese boycott has dignity, honor and victory for God and His Messenger. As for the Turkish boycott of Labneh, it is just a joke repeated by those who have no opinion or will, and the intention of victory for religion or a call for guidance or goodness is not fulfilled. There is a difference between the two matters, and here the positions are distinguished. "

The calls for a boycott of French products also included the Turkish platforms, where Turkish activists interacted intensively with the hashtag "Stop insulting our Prophet", which pushed him to the forefront of the most traded locally for hours.

Ihsan Shinaujak tweeted, "It is said that France, which carried out a genocide in Algeria, is attacking our master Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, who saved girls from infanticide and defended women's inheritance rights, and said that there is no difference between black and white or between rich and poor .. just as the bat is an enemy. Of the light, so honorless are your enemies, O Messenger of God. "

Ayman Gokar wrote, "All diplomatic and economic relations with France must be cut so that France can reverse its mistake, and this is what befits the descendants of the Ottomans, that this matter cannot be overcome with a few tweets."

As for Buran, he said, "Let's boycott France, not buy French goods, expel the French ambassador, suspend all our trade relations, cut off all diplomatic relations, stop citroen cars from use, break Tefal fryers, and stop Macron alone."