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Clément Follain

On the eve of the Friday prayer, the French Council for Muslim Worship (CFCM) sent the imams of France on Thursday a proposal for a text which they can, if they wish, draw inspiration for their preaching.

"The horrible assassination of our fellow citizen Samuel Paty, professor of history at Le Bois-d'Aulne college in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, reminds us of the scourges which sadly mark our reality: that of the outbreaks in our country of radicalism, violence and terrorism which claim to be Islam making victims of all ages, all conditions and all convictions ", begins the CFCM.

No religious role

The CFCM, the main interlocutor of the public authorities in France when it comes to talking about the Muslim religion, has no religious role, and this text is therefore only a proposal.

"The promoters of hatred and barbarism make their followers, especially among young people, dangle the illusion of being elected to accomplish an alleged divine mission", continues this text.

The values ​​of "our secular, indivisible, democratic and social Republic with its triptych motto" liberty, equality, fraternity ", allow us Muslims in France, like all our fellow citizens, to exercise our worship freely or not to exercise no worship, to build our mosques and fully enjoy our rights, ”it is still said.

"We Muslims are not persecuted in France"

" No !

We Muslims are not persecuted in France ”, continue the authors.

“We are sometimes targets of anti-Muslim acts,” they continue, but “others are also victims of hostile acts.

Faced with these provocations we must remain dignified, serene and lucid ”.

Representatives of the CFCM were received Monday by Emmanuel Macron, following the assassination of Professor Samuel Paty.

Its managers particularly wish to take charge of the training of religious executives and set up a course labeled by the CFCM, including a certification process for imams.


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