"Le Menhir d'or", an Asterix adventure restored from a 1967 "disc-book", was released on Wednesday in two parts, with a paper album, and an audio version.

The original text, says Anne Goscinny, was written "not so that it is read, but that it is heard".


It is a little known episode of the adventures of the little Gallic which was released on Wednesday in two parts: paper album, and audio version.

Le Menhir d'or

 is an Asterix adventure restored from a 1967 "record book". The screenplay, signed René Goscinny, tells the story of Assurancetourix during a Gallic bards competition.

At the microphone of Europe 1, Anne Goscinny, the daughter of the famous author, presents the genesis of the project, and is enthusiastic about a result "quite impressive". 

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"I wanted people to have access to the recording"

"This is a text my father wrote in 1967, not for it to be read, but for it to be heard," she explains, and which, at the time, "was said by the emblematic actors who have dubbed Asterix, such as Roger Carel ".

Today, the Albert René editions "wanted to republish this text in the form of an album, but also a recording, without modernizing it, but by changing the voices", she said again, specifying that "an important restoration "of Uderzo's drawings was necessary. 

"The result is quite impressive", enthuses Anne Goscinny, who describes the intrigue of the

Menhir d'Or

, as "a parody of Eurovision".

And the guest of Europe 1 to insist on the importance of the audio version: "When the Albert René editions proposed to me to republish this text, I said yes on one condition, it was that it is accompanied by a recording, because this text was written to be heard and not to be read. I really wanted people to have access to the recording by purchasing the book. "

"I think Asterix is ​​resisting, and that must appeal to the French"

Almost sixty years after the publication of the first volume, how can one explain that Asterix remains so popular with the French?

"I believe that Asterix is ​​resisting, and that it must appeal to the French," replied Anne Goscinny.

"And I also believe that Asterix is ​​driven above all by the friendship that united my father and Albert Uderzo". 

"More than a character, they created a myth without knowing it", analyzes Anne Goscinny.

"They were completely free and uninhibited by not imagining for a single second, at least for my father, that 43 years after his death, we would release this album".

And Anne Gosciny, questioned on possible future new releases, assures him: "You are certainly not at the end of your surprises".