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The defeats of the first round are not surprising

Abdullah Al Kaabi

October 22, 2020

Some were surprised by the technical level and the great results witnessed in the first round of the Arab Gulf League, but we were not, in fact, surprised by the losses of some teams, including Al-Wasl, which did not change for the better, with the former coach Rijekamp.

And God helps Al Wasl fans and fans, and those who care about the team’s position, and how it has become in the past years.

Firing Rijekamp is not the end of the day, because the messes are so many, and it takes a lot of work.

In the last period, there was a gap between Al Wasl’s management and its fans.

The return of the team to competing in the tournaments requires a lot of things.

I think that Brigadier General Nasraoui is not able to compete this season, and this is in my opinion, despite the assignments and expenses that were paid in many deals last summer.

What victory needs is for the mentality to change in order to compete and win the long-awaited league title, despite the great financial support and Nasrallah’s interest in the team.

Victory over the past years has not achieved its goal, especially with regard to competition for the league title, and it has to outdo itself in order to return to the platforms and titles.

The tongue cannot describe Ismail Matar, a legend of the Emirati stadiums who continues to give, and who continues to embarrass the youth with his discipline and brilliance, which is always remarkable.

"Reputation" with the heart of a young player, despite his advanced age, and presented his credentials strongly in the first round of the Arab Gulf League, and we hope to recall him to the national team, as he is a big star inside and outside the stadium.

The management of the Sharjah team should not abandon Igor, the distinguished player, who is one of the stars of our league, and a win for the Arab Gulf League.

Rumors are many, and the club's management is required to issue a statement clarifying some matters related to this issue, to silence the rumors that harm the team, especially when we are at the beginning of the season.

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The management of the Sharjah team should not abandon Igor.