China News Service, Hong Kong, October 21 (Reporter Shi Bingyun) Sun Life Financial, a Hong Kong financial services organization, released a survey report on the changes in Hong Kong people's eating habits during the epidemic on the 21st, showing that the interviewed citizens tend to use diet as a way to relieve stress, but there is no adjustment Exercise habits may increase the risk of diabetes.

  In September this year, Sun Life Financial commissioned an electronic life information platform in Hong Kong to interview nearly 1,000 Hong Kong people of different age groups through online questionnaires to learn about their diet and exercise habits and their knowledge of diabetes during the fight against the epidemic.

  Sun Life Financial Chief Marketing and Digital Strategy Director Feng Wanxin pointed out that under the epidemic, Hong Kong people's eating habits have become a new normal, including increased opportunities for ordering takeaways, snacking and other bad eating habits.

According to survey data, 95% of people said they ate 4 to 5 meals a day, and more than 40% said they had no exercise habits at all. Nearly 55% of the respondents gained weight during the epidemic.

  Regarding the reasons for the change in eating habits, women are more inclined to use food to relieve psychological depression than men.

The survey showed that 52% of women said that they would use food to relieve depression during the fight against the epidemic, and 54% of men said that the reason for having multiple meals a day was that there was no fixed meal time for working at home.

  Regarding exercise habits, the survey pointed out that despite the increased dietary intake, the exercise habits of Hong Kong people have not increased correspondingly.

41% of the interviewees said they have no exercise habits at all, and only 8% of the interviewees met the standard for exercising more than 150 minutes a week.

Registered dietitian Liu Huiwen said that unbalanced diet and severe lack of exercise are easy to gain weight and may increase the risk of diabetes.

  Liu Huiwen suggested that foods with a low glycemic index that help stabilize blood sugar should be selected, combined with aerobic and resistance exercise, to increase calorie consumption.