Bear sighting on the shopping center site Ishikawa Kaga October 19th 13:22


On the morning of the 19th, a bear was witnessed on the premises of a shopping center in Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture.

At that time, the store was out of business hours and there was no information about the injured, but the bears are believed to have entered the warehouse inside the store, so police and others are on the alert.

Before 8 am on the 19th, an employee found a bear on the premises at "Abio City Kaga", a shopping center in Sakumimachi, Kaga City, and reported it to the police.

According to the city of Kaga, one bear was witnessed, and it seems that it entered the store's warehouse from the entrance of the product, so police and the Hunting Association are on the scene.

According to the city, there is no information about the injured.

According to the operating company of "Abio City Kaga", when the bear was witnessed, the store was out of business hours and there were no shoppers, so after evacuating employees, the store was closed on the 19th.

A male employee said, "I'm glad the customer wasn't injured. I didn't expect a bear to appear."

A man who visited the shopping center said, "I was surprised to find a bear when I tried to enter the store. I am very scared."

The on-site shopping center is right in front of JR Kaga Onsen Station, and there are hospitals and residential areas nearby.

In Kaga City, three men and women were attacked by bears and injured on the 17th, and one bear has just been exterminated.

In Ishikawa Prefecture, the number of bear sightings has exceeded 400, the highest ever since entering this year, and the prefecture has issued "Haunting Warning Information" for the first time in 10 years to call for caution.