Last Saturday, the youth sports basketball reality show "This Is Slam Dunk 3" ushered in the first episode of the broadcast, sparking heated discussions across the network.

Masters gathered in the qualifiers. The first match between Qingbei League and Zhejiang University was dubbed by the players as "riches grievances". The schedule was intense and exciting; NCAA first-level league player Adili, with his excellent ball handling ability, reaction speed and shooting The hit rate is impressive, ushering in a number of bright moments on the court.

And Zhang Zhanyu, who returned to the "This Is Slam Dunk 3", once again regretted losing against the CBA draft pick District Junxuan.

The players performed well, and manager Deng Lun was not to be outdone, and even launched a three-point challenge to CUBA "horror shooter" Wu Tingjia.

In order to get the female leader Nai Wan to join, Zhou Qi created his own rap and successfully captured Nai Wan's "heart".

The first episode of the show was exciting and full of spectacles, which made people hooked.

"Shuanglun" three points challenge the terrorist shooter Wu Tingjia Wang Shipeng Zhou Qi face to face response to the controversy

  The addition of four female team leaders this season undoubtedly added a touch of color to the stadium. They not only assisted the coaches in robbing people, but also acted in an active atmosphere, and enabled the show to adopt a more accessible way of spreading basketball knowledge.

For example, in the process of watching the game, the "basketball terminology class" between the team leader and the coach made many "basketball novices" audience shout friendly.

The role of humor, Guo Ailun, can be said to have contracted countless audiences’ laughs. He not only publicly stated that he could only "bully" manager Deng Lun in the opening remarks, but he also "muted" with other coaches in the robbing session and complained about Zhou Qi's offensive "pull". "Crotch" criticized Zhu Fangyu for "robbing people in violation of regulations". In the face of Wang Shipeng's "press the light" questioning, Guo Ailun also moved out the "three visits to the thatched cottage" allusion to find supplements for himself, and laughed a lot.

However, after several rounds of competition, Guo Ailun's team did nothing.

In the face of the dilemma that no one chooses, Guo Ailun laughed at himself: "Maybe I am too good at talking. Everyone thinks I am too fancy."

  On the other side, manager Deng Lun also contributed a wonderful three-pointer.

Wu Tingjia, known as the CUBA "horror shooter", used 4 consecutive three-pointers to "kill" the game, igniting Deng Lun's basketball soul.

At the end of the game, Deng Lun was eager to try and invited Guo Ailun to shoot three points against Wu Tingjia. Although his shooting percentage was not as good as the two basketball players, Deng Lun's handsome skill not only attracted fans' cheers, but also gained applause from other players.

  Last year, the controversy between Wang Shipeng and Zhou Qi caused them to fall into the center of public opinion.

This time the two were in the same frame again, which aroused the curiosity of many fans and audiences: What happened to the incident?

Therefore, the program team specially arranged for Wang Shipeng to have a dialogue with Zhou Qi and open up face to face.

It turned out that the two had reconciled the night after the incident happened.

Zhou Qi humbly stated that he accepts criticism from the outside world, will improve his body, and continue to work hard to bear everyone's trust in him.

Wang Shipeng also had high hopes for Zhou Qi: "Zhou Qi will definitely be a leader in the national team in the future." "Any conditions are top-notch, don't waste your talent. Chinese basketball depends on you."

Adili's "American" style is bright, Zhang Zhanyu, and Jiao Engel regret to exit

  It is reported that "This Is Slam Dunk 3" has more than 18,000 people participating in the audition, and in the end only a hundred players were selected.

This undoubtedly means that the players who come to the show are all elite players out of a hundred.

The first confrontation was the Qingbei League VS Zhejiang University, which the fans called the "rich and grievance". The Qingbei League has always had absolute dominance in CUBA, and Zhejiang University has also caught up in recent years, and one of the captain Guo Hanyu also Two years ago, the Tsinghua team was decisively killed, and the strong confrontation was full of highlights. In the end, Liu Hongbo's dazzling performance also won four coaches at the same time.

Zhang Zhanyu, who has the reputation of CUBA's first defender, was defeated in the first round of "This Is Slam Dunk 2" because of his 1V1 defeat against "Brother Helmet".

This time, Zhang Zhanyu stood on the slam dunk field again with the belief of "revenge", but he faced the CBA draft pick No. 1 District Junxuan and NCAA first-level league player Adili.

Adili has a sharp ball style and a strong "American" style. Whether it is confrontation, breakthrough or shooting, it is impeccable.

Faced with the tacit cooperation of the three opposing parties, Zhang Zhanyu, despite all his best efforts, was still unable to turn the tide and left with regret.

  The sixth pick of the CBA Draft, Jiao Engel, also made a surprise appearance. From the sheep-herding baby who was almost out of school and was regarded as an "alien" because of his height, to the famous CUBA "Northwestern First Center", his inspirational dream story inspired Countless teenagers who love basketball.

This time he led his teammates to form a "Tianshan Guest" to face the Beijing University of Chemical Technology where Li Weihao is located.

In the game, Li Weihao showed the strength of the current CUBA's strongest inside line. Several head-on duels with Jiao Engel did not fail. The dunk and dunk caused cheers from the audience. In the end, the Beijing University of Chemical Technology team relied on the tacit understanding between the three. Cooperate with the opponent.

After the game, the audience learned that due to the Xinjiang epidemic, the "Tianshan Guest" team had not touched the ball for more than 40 days. Manager Deng Lun was willing to give a chance to resurrect, but Jiao Engel said that he and his teammates will advance and retreat together and will continue to return. After a good training, I will have the opportunity to challenge again. I believe that the "Tianshan Guest" will return to this stage one day.

  The last game of the first episode of the show came from two teams with a difference of 53 years of age. One is the young team with the strongest returnee YG core player Zhou Kaiheng, and the other is the strong veteran team with former CBA player Zhang Nan. What is the result? , To be announced in the next episode.

In the next program, the competition became more intense, and the battle for people came to a fierce stage. In order to compete for players, Guo Ailun and Zhou Qi broke out "conflicts."

What are the outstanding performances of the players, and how the final four teams are formed? Open Youku at 12 noon next Saturday, and the highlights will be presented soon.