China News Service, Changsha, October 19 (Reporter Deng Xia) The 30th China TV Golden Eagle Awards and the 13th China Golden Eagle TV Art Festival Awards Gala was held on the evening of the 18th in Changsha, Hunan.

Ren Dahua and Tong Yao, who performed wonderfully in the TV series "Macao People" and "Dajiang Dahe", won the best actor and actress awards. Wang Yibo and Zhao Liying won the audience's favorite actor and actress awards.

  The awards show that night was co-hosted by He Jiong and Liu Tao, and the major awards were announced one by one in the awaited audience.

The TV series "Diplomatic Storm" won the best TV series award, and its screenwriter Ma Jihong won the best screenplay award.

The Best Director Award was won by Kong Sheng, the director of "Big River".

"The Twelfth Hours of Chang'an" photographer Jing Chong won the Best Camera Award.

The theme song of the TV series "Children of the Country" "I will never forget" won the best original theme song award.

"Big River", "Chang'an Twelve Hours", "Ice Breaking Action", "Knowing whether it should be green, fat, red and thin", "Xiao Huanxi", "Communist Liu Shaoqi" and "Everything Is Good" won the Outstanding TV Drama Awards.

  Both Ren Dahua and Tong Yao were nominated for the Golden Eagle Award for the first time and won the trophy, which made them very excited.

Tong Yao said that the career of an actor is particularly happy, and there will be many beautiful memories left, so she cherishes every scene.

In order to play the role of the heir of the "Liang Kee Bakery" in "Macao People", Ren Dahua also went to Macau to learn how to make macaroons.

He said that the Golden Eagle Award is an encouragement to himself, and he will continue to work hard to shoot more good works for everyone.

  The awards for actors and actresses that are popular among audiences are voted by the audience, and Wang Yibo and Zhao Liying respectively won the awards.

Zhao Liying, who won the Golden Eagle Award again four years later, said that the Golden Eagle Award has witnessed her growth, and the "favor" in the award has carried more expectations from the audience, hoping that she can always be expected and loved by the audience.

Wang Yibo, who calls himself the "new friend" of the Golden Eagle Award, said that he will use more efforts in the future to make himself worthy of this trophy.

  The Lifetime Achievement TV Artist Award of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles was also awarded that night, which was won by the famous actor Li Baotian, the well-known host Chen Duo, and one of the pioneers of Chinese TV documentary film Liu Xiaoli.

  It is reported that the China Television Golden Eagle Award was established in 1983, approved by the Central Propaganda Department and sponsored by the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles and the China Television Artists Association.

Its predecessor was the "Golden Eagle Award of "Popular Television", which is the only national-level television art award based on audience voting.