One house burned down and two people died 86-year-old woman and 58-year-old son Aichi Oguchi-cho October 18, 10:05


Before dawn on the 18th, a fire broke out in Oguchi Town, Aichi Prefecture, and two people were found dead in the burnt remains.

After the fire, the parents and children living in this house could not be contacted, and police are proceeding with confirmation that they are the two who died.

Around 1:20 am on the 18th, a man living in the neighborhood reported to the fire department that "the fire is rising from the house" at the Shiroyashiki in Oguchi Town, Aichi Prefecture.

Eight fire trucks and other vehicles came out and the fire was extinguished about two hours later, but the fire burned down one wooden one-story house.

According to police, two bodies of unknown gender were found in the burn marks.

The house is home to an 86-year-old woman and a 58-year-old son, who have lost contact with them after the fire.

For this reason, police are proceeding with confirmation of their identities, assuming that these two people have died.

The site is a residential area about 1.5 km southeast of Kashiwamori Station on the Meitetsu Inuyama Line.