[Explanation] On October 16th, on the winding steel rails, a train was going and stopping. It would “pick up” fellow villagers and children along the Qinling Mountains to help them get to the market, go to school, and go home. This train It is the "Qinling Slow Train" running between Baoji, Shaanxi and Guangyuan, Sichuan.

  The train passes through the three provinces of Shaanxi, Gansu, and Sichuan, stopping at 37 stations including Baishuijiang and Fengxian along the way.

Because mountain schools are relatively concentrated in the county and there is no school bus, thousands of mountain children go to school by train every week.

For decades, the "Qinling Slow Train" has been unimpeded, waiting for the children on the platform on time every day.

  At 14:50 on the same day, 6064 local trains arrived at Fengxian Station. More than 50 students from Fengzhou Middle School were already waiting on the platform. Because they knew there were activities on the train in advance, the children looked very excited and excited on the platform.

  The train started, and the train lecture began.

Experts, professors and well-known lecturers from the Shaanxi Provincial Library, Shaanxi Natural History Museum, Northwest A&F University, etc. gave lectures on ecology and culture to the students, and donated books to the train "Dream Library".

  [Concurrent] Liu Chaobin, Associate Professor, Northwest A&F University

  (Talking about) Some knowledge about agriculture, forestry and some ecological balance, let them have such a concept, just say that the various elements in ecology, not necessarily the big bad wolf, are useless, it is in the ecological chain, it has its own Instead, it maintains the role of ecological balance, and then instills some knowledge of this kind, so that they have some interest in nature, and then answers some of their questions.

  [Explanation] The reporter saw that plant specimens of various shapes and lifelike insect specimens were prepared on the train, which were placed on the table together with 500 brand-new books.

When the children saw this, they were all excited for a while, discussed happily, and laughed constantly.

  As a "non-profit slow train" in the Qinling Mountains, the Xi'an Railway Bureau has carried out key reforms to trains since the end of 2017.

A "communication carriage" is specially set up on the train, and a small table is customized to facilitate students to learn and use on the train.

At the same time, train bookshelves are set up for children to borrow for free through social donations.

  [Concurrent] Student Li Jiayi

  This event made me feel very deeply. We usually study together on this train, and then the uncles and aunts on the train will give us lectures. This time I invited teachers from the university and aunts from the museum to explain to us. A lot of knowledge, I hope (in the future) such activities can be more.

  [Explanation] According to reports, more experts and scholars will be invited to teach the children in the later period, and organize children to go to Xi'an and other places to study, combine knowledge and practice to help them get out of the mountains and dream of the university.

  Reporter Mei Yilong reports from Baoji, Shaanxi

Editor in charge: [Tao Guangxiong]