"Koedo" Saitama A new sightseeing course to avoid "dense" in Kawagoe October 18, 12:02

In Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture, where the townscape of the warehouse remains and is called "Little Edo", a new tourist map has been completed so that you can enjoy walking around the town while preventing the infection of the new coronavirus.

This tourist map was created by the tourist information center at the station in Kawagoe City so that you can enjoy walking around the town while avoiding being "dense".

Not only the townscape of Kurazukuri, which is visited by many people, but also various attractions are introduced as a course of walking around the town with 9 types of maps.

Of these, the "Power Spot and Tumulus Tour Course" introduces the pond where the legend that the dragon lived remains and the tumulus that seems to be in the latter half of the 4th century.

In addition, there are courses that introduce places where you can enjoy seasonal photography such as cherry blossoms and autumn leaves, and courses for temples and buildings with beautiful Japanese gardens.

In addition to the tourist information centers at Kawagoe Station and Hon-Kawagoe Station, you can also download it from the city's homepage, and we hope to increase the types in the future.

Mr. Shizue, a tourist information center at Honkawagoeeki Station, said, "I want not only tourists but also locals to know about it and enjoy walking around the town using the map."