“The heart of the great-great-granddaughter of the great Russian poet A.S.

Pushkin, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor Galina Severyanovna Usova, who has worked for many years at Michurinsky State Agrarian University, ”reads a statement on the university's website.

Farewell to Usova will take place on October 18 at the Bogolyubsky Cathedral of Michurinsk.

Usova was born in 1938 in Arkhangelsk. According to the university, her idol at school was the biologist and breeder Ivan Michurin, and she went to continue her education to the city named after him. Galina Severyanovna became a student of the Fruit and Vegetable Institute (now the Michurinsky State Agrarian University). It is noted that since then her fate has been closely connected with Michurinsk.