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The e-book is wronged

Abdullah Al-Qamzi


October 18, 2020

Whenever I open the pages of culture in the local newspapers, I find a recurring topic frequently. The paper book surpasses the electronic one.

I see a strong prejudice against the e-book, and a lack of appreciation for the existence of this invention in our hands.

Which is the most important paper book or electronic book?

Even if sales outweigh the paper scales, the logic - in my view - with the electronic ... Why?

Personally, I was against the e-book only three years ago, but the first impression works wonders.

In the middle of the summer of this year, I wanted to verify information, and through a quick search on Google, I found a detailed book title on the topic I am searching.

For your information, I wasn't looking for any book at the beginning.

The question: Should I start my car and go to the big library in the "Dubai Mall" to ask about him?

Or am I looking for it on the library website?

Or do I ask for it on the Internet, and wait two days for it to arrive?

If it is not available, it will arrive in a week or 10 days.

The question led me to another: If it is not available, is it reasonable for me to wait for a book 10 days while I'm in 2020?

I opened the Google e-books app, found the book at half its value, and bought it with the push of a button in exactly five seconds.

At that exact moment, I'm completely in favor of the e-book, and that's what's called the logic of this time.

I don't care if paper books have sold two billion dollars, and electronic books have not exceeded two billion.

I do not care about the texture of the pages of the book, its storage and the smell of its pages .. These are all emotions, I am talking about the logic factor, and the speed of obtaining something in this digital age.

E-book is a great invention, and electronic book applications or electronic reading devices give the reader access to thousands of books, and a person can store all of them in the same application.

This is not new information but - as I mentioned - there is no appreciation for this invention.

E-book outperforms paper in having draft notes, an instant dictionary, and very smoothly turning pages, you touch the end of the page and it automatically flips to the next.

You open the index and find links to all sections, click a link, it takes 200 pages forward in one second.

An e-book is never out of stock, unlike the hard copy and its limited edition.

An e-book you can browse a sample of it (sometimes the first 90 pages of a 500-page book), and if you like you buy it in seconds, and you do not have to stand on your feet in front of a shelf in a library that reads pages quickly, and confused whether you buy it or leave it, although there is fun for many people in Lost between bookshelves in libraries.

But again, these are all emotions, and I know many will disagree with me, but I see the logic with the e-book because this is in line with the times, and I no longer see a logic in ordering a book on the Internet, or going to a library to buy it.

I found an educational book with a CD-ROM attached in its back cover, at a time when the CD playback devices disappeared, I was curious to know the shape of its electronic version, and I found the audio files attached to the same pages of exercises, which means using an e-book in this case is better and a thousand times easier than paper. This is the logic.


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I found a tutorial book with a CD in its back cover, just as the CD players had disappeared.