Hokkaido The first snowfall was observed at Mt. Teine during the coldest autumn season at 14:59 on October 15th.

Due to the cold air in the sky on the morning of the 15th, it became the coldest in the autumn, and it snowed on the mountain pass and in the mountains, and the first snowfall was observed on Mt. Teine in Sapporo.

The low temperature is expected to continue until the 16th, and the meteorological observatory is calling attention to snow cover at high altitudes.

According to the Sapporo District Meteorological Observatory, the area of ​​Hokkaido has cooled down due to the cold air flowing into the sky, which is about the same as mid-November.

The lowest temperature on the morning of the 15th was

▽ minus 1.7 degrees in Lake Akan and Kamishihoro town

▽ minus 1.6 degrees in Shibecha town ▽

minus 1.3 degrees in Rikubetsu town, and it was the coldest in each place this autumn.

There were places where it snowed at high altitudes and in the mountains, and at Mikuni Pass in Kamishihoro Town, Tokachi, it snowed quickly and there was a little snow on the side of the road.

In addition, the Meteorological Observatory announced that it had observed the first snowfall at Mt. Teine in Sapporo.

The first snowfall on Mt. Teine is one day earlier than normal and 22 days earlier than last year.

It is expected that the temperature in Hokkaido will continue to be low until the 16th, and the maximum daytime temperature is

expected to be

11 degrees in Asahikawa

, 13 degrees in Sapporo,

and 14 degrees in Obihiro.

The Meteorological Observatory calls attention to snow and freezing of the road surface at high altitudes.