Former Chairman of the Science Council of Japan Emphasizes that it plays a role in pointing out the Liberal Democratic Party October 15, 18:42

Regarding the fact that the Liberal Democratic Party has pointed out to the Science Council of Japan that "it is doubtful that it is functioning," the former chairman of the conference made more than 100 proposals a year and emphasized that it is playing a role. ..

On the 14th, the Liberal Democratic Party held the first meeting of a working team to examine the ideal state of the Science Council of Japan, and the chairman, former Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Shiotani, pointed out that "unfortunately it is functioning."

Regarding this, former chairman of the Science Council and Professor Emeritus Takashi Onishi of the University of Tokyo attended a meeting on the opposition side on the 15th, and the meeting plays a role by issuing more than 100 proposals and reports to the government etc. annually. I emphasized.

In addition, former chairman Onishi said that the conference has issued a statement calling for a cautious response to military security technology research, and that there are voices from within the LDP that it is "a constraint on academic freedom." , "We are asking universities to examine the appropriateness of research," he said, recognizing that it does not interfere with all research.