The captured wild animals were released into the forest

  In 2019, the police in Puge County, Liangshan, Sichuan, uncovered a series of serious and devastating wildlife resource cases involving more than 100 people. The network spread across many provinces across the country, and 54 criminal suspects were arrested.

The captured wild animals were released into the forest

  The reporter learned that the case involved more than 20 species of national key protected wild animals such as bison, red panda, and black bear, as well as three species of animals such as red deer and civet cat. It involved illegal hunting, purchasing, and selling of precious and endangered wild animals, and covering up. , The crime of concealing criminal proceeds, illegal hunting and other crimes.

  This year, 37 people involved in the case were tried, and the front-end Orion, mid-end purchaser, and end-end diners stood in the dock.

Recently, the People’s Court of Puge County found that 37 criminal defendants were sentenced to 13 years, 11 years, and five years in prison and fined, and 30 people were sentenced to bear more than 450,000 yuan in public welfare compensation.


  In the valley, a black bear walked leisurely, looking around for food, sometimes raising its head to look around.

However, it strayed into a trap, touched the erected power grid, and the strong current instantly knocked it down... Located in Ningnan County, Sichuan Province, at the junction of Sichuan and Yunnan, large virgin forests are home to black bears and many other wild animals. Under the temptation of huge profits, there are still some poachers taking risks.

  The black bear is a second-level national key protected animal. The life of this black bear was fixed on one day in October 2018. Three villagers such as Lan XX were the ones who installed grid traps. "At that time, I wanted to hit wild boars. I went to see it the next morning. , We found a black bear killed, we divided the black bear."

  In fact, this is not the first time that Lan has hunted and killed wild animals.

It was not until early June 2019 that the police of the Puge County Forest Public Security Bureau (now the Puge County Public Security Bureau Forest Police Brigade) captured him at his home, and his poacher identity was revealed.

  Faced with the arrest by the police, Lan Moumou still questioned, "What the hell am I doing and why did you arrest me." Deng Mingjiang, political commissar of the Forest Public Security Bureau of Puge County, stepped forward and reminded him, "Do you have a battery in your house? , Shotgun, he (Lan XX) knew it all at once."

  In Lan Moumou’s house, the police in charge of the case found shotguns, bullets, high-voltage batteries and power grids specially used for hunting, and also found many dead wild animals that were not available for sale. They found bear teeth, two packs of bear oil, and two national two Specimen of golden pheasant, a protected animal.

  Speaking of the reasons for poaching, Lan said that since a few years ago, wild boars have often appeared in his fields, destroying a lot of crops, so he spent 8,000 yuan online to buy batteries, boosters, and power grids. In order to hit the wild boar, I did not expect to hit a black bear.

  At the scene, he admitted to the police that he had hunted and the wild animals he had hunted were sold.

According to Lan Moumou’s statement, he has two children in his family, both of whom have gone to key universities. He is now "very regretful", worried that his children will not have the money to go to university after his arrest, and that his crimes will affect his children's future.

  With the arrest of a group of hunters such as Lan, the "5·13" series of serious damage to wildlife resources handled by the police in Puge County, Sichuan Province was gradually solved.

"From hunting, purchasing, sales, and transportation, the entire criminal chain has been penetrated." Ma Zhilin, deputy director of the Puge County Public Security Bureau, introduced that the case involved more than 100 people and the network covered Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangdong, Fujian, Sichuan, and Hunan. , Guangxi and other provinces, arrested 54 criminal suspects.

  2/ clues.

  The clues to this case actually originated from a murder case detected by the Puge County Public Security Bureau.

  In March 2019, the Ministry of Public Security held a meeting to launch a nationwide special operation to crack down on illegal crimes destroying wildlife resources in accordance with the law. The Pug police carried out extensive and in-depth investigations into clues that destroy wildlife resources.

  Ma Zhilin was engaged in criminal investigation. When he was trying to find clues about destroying wild animal resources, a murder case in Puge County came to his mind.

"Five people were drunk at the table and they were basically drunk. Among them, Huang used a homemade shotgun to show off. The person next to him said, "Dare you shoot (try)?" A certain person fired a shot at that person with a self-made gun and killed him on the spot."

  Ma Zhilin recalled that during the investigation, they discovered that several people were drinking together to celebrate the hunting of three muntjac and four dead muntjac were found in the refrigerator.

A week later, Huang surrendered to the police, and Huang was eventually sentenced to 15 years in prison.

  The police learned that Huang and Lin hunted illegally in the mountains all year round. Their main method was to use high-voltage batteries to hunt and kill various wild animals.

After Huang was in jail for murder, Lin did not stop, and was still engaged in hunting wild animals for a living, selling prey to others for profit.

After in-depth investigation, a man named Ai Moumou entered the sight of the police. He was the purchaser of these wild animals.


  Police investigations found that Ai Moumou had been wandering in the mountainous areas of Yunnan and Sichuan for a long time. Someone would contact him when he hunted wild animals, drove to the door to buy various wild animals, and hoarded them at home to sell them.

  On May 31, 2019, the police of the task force learned that Ai Moumou will trade wild animals with his next Liu Moumou.

That day, Ai drove from home to Qiaojia County, Yunnan, and the arrest team decided to arrest him first.

At noon, the police set up a card at a bridgehead at the junction of Sichuan and Yunnan. This is the only way for Ai to go home. The police successfully captured him.

  When the police came to Ai Moumou's home, there were bursts of animal calls in the courtyard, and there were various wild animals in the pen.

Seeing so many animals, the police were shocked, "There are civet cats, hedgehogs and so on. There are many kinds of animals, such as a small zoo. There are more than 60 live wild animals." In the house, there is a large freezer inside. There are bags of frozen meat. These are dead wild animals that are not for sale, such as wild boar, muntjac, civet, golden pheasant, etc.

  During the search, the police made a major discovery. They found two thick notebooks under his bed. They recorded all the wildlife traded from 2016 to May 2019, including time, money, name, and species. Very detailed records, this became the key to solving the case.

  The police verified according to Ai Moumou’s notes that from October 2016 to May 28, 2018, he sold a total of 212 civet cats, 12 muntjac, 11 wild boars, 42 gorales and 3 porcupines to Liu Moumou. Only, some of the transactions are not recorded in the notebook.

  4/"Big Fish".

  According to the police, Liu XX is the "big fish" in the criminal chain. He has long illegally purchased wild animals in the name of a farmer.

On the day Ai Moumou was arrested, the arrest of Liu Moumou was launched in Huize County, Yunnan Province.

  His farm is far away from the residents of the village and is located on a remote hillside.

At that time, Liu Moumou was not in the farm. The police asked the breeder to open the door and inspected the farm. It was found that the inside was divided into small compartments. When the animals saw strangers, they ran around the house with goral and muntjac. There are also big and small civet cats, and some civet cats are just born.

According to the police, Liu Moumou has always used the name of a breeding farm to illegally purchase wild animals.

The police searched Liu Moumou's home and found batteries, power grids, and live hedgehogs and pheasants.

In the freezer at his house, dead wild animals were found, including goral, muntjac, and bear meat.

  Liu XX’s WeChat group is full of content about buying and selling wild animals.

The police found that he posted many pictures and videos of hunting and killing wild animals, as well as evidence of transaction transfers.

A small video posted by Liu said, "Live pangolins are in stock." Another video said, "Who wants pangolins, hurry up, there are only two." There is also a video selling bear paws, "Bear Two pairs of palms."

  The police arrested 54 criminal suspects and detained 207 live wild animals such as goral, golden pheasant, rock horned chicken, civet cat, and red deer, 25 dead wild animals, and 117 wild animal products. , Seized a large number of high-voltage batteries, guns and ammunition, explosives, clips, etc.

  One day in June 2019, on a hillside in Puge County, the police conducted a wild animal release operation. After nine deaths, these wild animals finally returned to the forest and returned to their homes.


  The police investigation found that after Liu Moumou bought wild animals, he sold them to some restaurants or consumers and was treated as a "precious delicacy" on the table.

There is no killing without buying and selling, and it is the wild animal consumer market that stimulates the crime at the source of wild animals.

In this black interest chain, a wild animal is sold from the hunter, and after a few links, the price of the table can be doubled, even dozens of times.

  A diner surnamed Liu explained that in 2018, he bought a live goral from somewhere in Liu, fearing that it would not be seen by others, so he pulled it to the mountain and slaughtered it, and took the meat to a restaurant for processing.

  Xie XX bought pangolin and goral for food somewhere in Liu.

"I thought he (Liu XX) had procedures and it was legal. He said that special industries can not only raise them, but also buy them." Xie XX confessed that after buying wild animals for slaughter, he ate with relatives and friends at home.

  In this case, the police also seized a large number of extremely dangerous animal products and nationally protected animal products that were included in the Wildlife International Trade Convention, such as high-nosed antelope horns, rhino horns, giant pangolins, elephant skins, musk, and goral horns.

  Orions, purchasers, and diners have all become defendants, and 37 people have been sentenced to 13 years, 11 years, and 5 years in prison and fined...

  On June 16, 2020, the Puge County People's Court opened a court session to hear the case. Liu Moumou, Ai Moumou and other 37 people were tried. The front-end Orion, the mid-end purchaser, and the end-end diners all stood in the dock.

  After a court trial, the first instance was recently pronounced. 37 criminal defendants were sentenced to 13 years, 11 years, and five years in prison and fined, and 30 defendants were sentenced to bear public welfare compensation of 458,577 yuan. Publicly apologize.

  Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News reporter Jiang Long's photo report (part of the picture provided by the police)