Chiba New Corona 1 dead Confirmed infection of 54 new people A total of 4415 people in the prefecture on October 15 at 17:52

Chiba Prefecture announced on the 15th that a man in his 60s in Ichihara City, who had been confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus, died.

This brings the total number of infected people who died in Chiba prefecture to 75.

In addition, 54 people were newly infected with the new coronavirus announced on the 15th in Chiba prefecture.

The number of infected people per day in the prefecture has exceeded 50 since August 21st.

On the other hand, Chiba Prefecture announced that it will not include elementary school children in Ichihara City, which was announced as an infected person on the 10th of this month, because the medical institution has withdrawn the outbreak report.

This brings the total number of infected people announced in Chiba Prefecture to 4,415.