A street in Nice during the curfew last April.



  • Emmanuel Macron announced on Wednesday the establishment on Saturday of a curfew between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m., for at least four weeks, in Ile-de-France and in 8 other cities, to fight against the coronavirus epidemic.

  • If some readers of

    20 Minutes

    accept this decision with philosophy, others criticize it because they doubt its effectiveness or do not support the restriction of their field of freedom.

  • Those who usually work at night experience this measure even more painfully.

We had prepared for this hypothesis.

It is now a reality.

Emmanuel Macron announced on Wednesday the establishment of a curfew between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. on Saturday, for at least four weeks, in Ile-de-France and in 8 other metropolises (Grenoble, Lille, Aix-Marseille, Lyon, Montpellier, Saint-Etienne, Toulouse and Rouen) in order to stem the second wave of the coronavirus epidemic.

A decision well accepted by some of our readers who responded to our call for witnesses: “100% agree with this measure.

We must consider this epidemic as a very dangerous enemy and that everyone put their common sense and good will to fight it, ”comments Caroline.

Patrick, too, finds the decision legitimate: “Any measure that will reduce the spread of the virus is good to take.

Those who reject or criticize it have no alternatives ”.

"It's better than a re-containment"

Some, like Annie, do against bad luck: “We will stay home quietly.

In life, you have to know how to make sacrifices if you want life to resume as before and everything will seem more beautiful to us ”.

The same philosophical spirit with Maria: "It's better than a reconfinement".

But many of our readers do not understand the implementation of this curfew, which they do not find consistent with other health measures.

"Private gatherings of 6 people are allowed, but we can't be away from home after 9pm?

Once again, these are restrictions with no tail or head!

Alphonsine fulminates.

Just like Audrey: "I do not understand this measure which will perhaps prevent students from having parties, but which will not change the fact that we meet a lot of people in the workplace or in schools".

Geraldine reacts with biting irony: "The spread of the virus is more important in the private sphere, but to be crammed together like in a sardine tin in the metro and public transport, if it is to go to work and continue to pay our taxes, no problem!

The virus is controlled during office hours!


Ditto for Nicolas: "I doubt that the Covid-19 is a mogwai turning into a gremlin after midnight".

Brigitte does not believe either in the effectiveness of the curfew: "The density of the population will be increased during working hours (transport, public places ...) and the most determined will crowd into apartments at night".

"Thank you Emmanuel Macron for suppressing my last breath of fresh air"

For those who usually work at night, the pill is even more difficult to swallow: “I am in the restaurant business, already on short-time work.

I'm quite upset because once again, restaurants, hotels and the middle of the night are sidelined, ”says Laura.

And some of our readers even have a hard tooth against the government: “Being an event artist, I call it a crime against our profession.

It's already very complicated for us since March… I don't live, I survive… And until when?

The government is killing us slowly, slowly and surely, giving us time to suffer more and more every day, ”Victoria warns.

And the hopes of a revival of activity for certain professions are showered, as Stéphanie attests: “My companion is a taxi driver.

Things were starting to get better and his number was around 10:30 p.m.

In particular thanks to the restaurants.

We are starting from scratch ”.

It is also the restriction of their field of freedom that makes some jump.

In particular Dylan, 23 years old: “Working 6 days a week, I only have the evenings available.

Work sleeping !

No thanks.

Very hard measure to take!

», He is offended.

"That I am prevented from seeing those I love tense up", also confides Maryse.

“We are taken for cash cows!

We have the right to crowd into transport to go to work.

On the other hand, it is better to avoid having fun, relaxing over coffee with friends, celebrating our birthdays… Long live depression!

», Storm Stéphanie« We have all made a lot of sacrifices.

Thank you Emmanuel Macron for suppressing my last breath of fresh air, ”adds Cécile.

"I will go without friends to protect them and protect myself"

Everyone's social life will therefore take a hit.

And if this prospect does not please anyone, there are those who play the card of patience, like Florence: "I am going to do without friends to protect them and protect myself for a few more months".

Same caution with Geneviève: “I will no longer go to my children's homes, to spend the evening or look after the little ones in the evening.

I will not receive them, I do not have an apartment large enough for them to sleep there ”.

And there are those who are going to reorganize their family or friends' life with these new constraints, like Allessandra: "I am going to favor late afternoons to go for a walk with friends".

Elodie also intends to see her relatives: "We're going to the park, eat at a restaurant, in short, do what we can't in the evening, during the day!"

“, She warns.

Cécile thinks she has found the solution to continue to maintain ties.

“It's the big comeback of pajama parties!

And for all ages, please, ”she announces.

Stéphanie is on the same wavelength: “in order not to get depressed, an evening with girlfriends at home and we take turns staying at each other!


Another solution not to be too lonely, according to Fabienne: “I'm going on vacation to a city without a curfew.

I want to live, not to survive, ”she explains.

But some of our readers, even if they are rare, warn that they are not going to respect the curfew.

Even if this rule is violated, a fine of 135 euros will indeed be applied.

And that if there is a recurrence, it will amount to 1,500 euros.

“I would rather pay than be a slave, because my freedom is worth all the gold in the world.

I will obey when someone tells me that going to work is also too dangerous and that the whole country will be confined.

If working is not dangerous, then going out to see friends either, ”explains Sarah.

“I do not intend to respect this measure.

They cannot control what is happening inside my home, nor put a police officer behind each French person, ”Geraldine also judges.

And Nicolas concludes: curfew or not, "There will always be a way to chomp".


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