On the night of the 13th, a cargo ship capsized near the Qiongzhou Strait, and 10 crew members were in danger. The South China Sea Rescue Bureau of the Ministry of Transport of the People’s Republic of China urgently dispatched the "Nanhai Rescue 102" ship to rescue. At present, 7 people in distress have been seized and 2 of them died. Three people are still missing.

  The South China Sea Rescue Bureau received a report on the 13th: A sand ship named "Shun'an 66" capsized in the waters near Xuwenluo Dousha, Zhanjiang. 10 people on board were in danger and requested help.

After receiving the report, the bureau immediately dispatched the "Nanhai Rescue 102" ship to rush to the scene for search and rescue.

After the rescue ship arrived in the waters near the scene, it immediately launched a surface search.

At around 21 o'clock, the rescue boat found an orange lifeboat in the big waves with 4 people in distress on the boat, and then 4 people were picked up on the rescue boat with normal vital signs.

According to the rescued person, there were still 6 crew members who were suspected of escaping through another life raft.

The rescuers immediately carried out a search for missing persons based on the drifting trajectory, and then found two crew members of the ship in distress on the sea, and it was confirmed that the two persons were killed.

  On the morning of the 14th, a merchant ship rescued a survivor who had fallen into the water about 5 nautical miles south of Denglou Corner. After preliminary confirmation, the person was the captain of the ship in distress.

As the impact of the typhoon weakened, more rescue forces joined the search and rescue operations for the remaining three missing crew members.