The crime took place in the city of Zarqa, and the victim was a boy under the age of 16, who was kidnapped by the criminals, punched his eyes, cut off his hands, and then hit him with a sharp object.

Activists resorted to circulating expressive pictures of the victim, to limit the spread of the video, which was described as horrific, in which the boy had his hands amputated and his eyes blind.

Eighth Bulletin - Your Bulletin on (14/10/2020) monitored activists' interaction with this crime, but declined to publish its video clip.

For its part, the Jordanian authorities continued the investigation into the crime of assaulting the boy in Zarqa, and the Jordanian King Abdullah II followed up on the details of the security operation that led to the arrest of the perpetrators, stressing that the most severe penalties were taken, and the necessary and necessary treatment was provided to the boy.

Among the many tweets sympathetic to the "blue boy" came a tweet by Queen Rania Al-Abdullah in which she expressed her grief and sympathy with the assaulted boy in Zarqa and his mother, and said in a post on her Facebook, "How do we return to you what the criminals snatched, and how do we collect the heart parts of your mother and your relatives? How?" We protect our children from the violence and cruelty of those who weakened the creation without being deterred or scrupulous? ... an ugly crime in all its details ... our hearts are with you, for you are the son of every Jordanian house, and I add my voice to the voices calling for the most severe punishments for the perpetrators. "

In turn, journalist Muhammad Awad criticized the leniency shown by society and the law with the perpetrators, writing, "Unfortunately, the end of solving problems with coffee cups ... accustoms criminals to the fact that there is no ceiling for crime, and reform centers that do not fit anyone must stop at painful images of the child .. This world is painful. The savage. "

As for the media, Muhammad Al-Arsan, he tweeted, "Far from the denunciations required of the Minister of Interior and the Director of Security, we demand a campaign to arrest wanted persons, organize the file of stalls in complexes and pursue drug dealers. The huge and large number of security and police officers that we saw in the teachers' sit-ins should be directed to clean Jordanian cities of thugs." And bullies. "

The head of the Euro-Med Monitor, Rami Abdo, wrote in a tweet, "The absence of justice and accountability results in such horrific scenes."

In his turn, the activist, Mureih Al-Mareeh, demanded the application of the ruling of Sharia law on the perpetrators, saying, "The application of the law of God and its provisions from the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet is the best way to impose security on any country.