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  • While waiting for the PES in March 2021, the unions and the management of Airbus validated on Monday an “Adaptation Plan” which confirms the elimination of more than 4,000 jobs.

  • It gives pride of place to long-term partial unemployment, which will affect 10,000 employees.

  • It leaves a few months for voluntary employees to leave on their own, and excludes, for the moment, any dismissal.

Airbus employees have subscribed to the Scottish shower since the outbreak of the health crisis and the announcement of an inevitable social plan at the end of June.

At the time, the aircraft manufacturer was counting on 15,000 job cuts across the world, including 5,000 in France, Toulouse, its headquarters, paying the heaviest price with 3,500 departures announced.

Guillaume Faury, the big boss of the manufacturer, even mentioned a time in a letter to employees, the idea that there could be dry layoffs.

After weeks of negotiations, the “Adaptation Plan” and an agreement on long-term partial activity (APLD) were signed on Monday between management and the representative unions, pending the validation of a Safeguard Plan. of employment (PSE) in March.

For the time being, the breakage is important but the worst-case scenario does not materialize.

"We have protected the employees and we have protected Airbus in this difficult period, it's an excellent agreement", welcomes Jean-François Knepper, central delegate of the majority union FO.

"There will be no dry layoffs", assured Dominique Delbouis, the FO coordinator this morning.

Here are the main levers that have been activated to limit the damage.

A long, very long partial unemployment

Among the crisis tools proposed by the government, Airbus is seizing full hands of the long-term partial activity.

For a period of two years maximum, it will theoretically make it possible to retain 1,500 positions in the workforce.

In fact, this partial unemployment will affect 10,000 employees or production executives, according to Jean-François Knepper.

The idea for some to work alternately four days then five days a week is on the table.

And, for now, an income of 84% of the minimum net wage is guaranteed.

Retreat or new adventures

Some 700 “Airbusians” inquired about the conditions for voluntary departure.

"Between 300 to 450" have really taken the plunge.

The period to report has been extended until March 31, 2021 to promote these natural departures.

Others, in the same proportions, digested the idea of ​​early retirement.

Finally, several hundred employees want to try the adventure of reconversion.

"250 to 300 business creation files are already considered to be really serious", assures the trade unionist.

The future bosses of autoentrepreneurs can hope to accumulate the departure incentive bonus - six months' salary - and business creation assistance of 20,000 euros.

Switch to the world of research

Through state-subsidized projects, such as the hydrogen airplane, or even in the form of employee loans to laboratories, some 700 Airbus engineers could switch to the world of research, mostly temporarily, the time for air traffic to regain color.

It is thanks to all the devices that the unions signing the agreement intend to avoid any redundancies.

Management is more cautious: "Decisions will be taken in March 2021 in order to define the course of action to be taken in the event that these measures have not fully borne fruit," she indicates.


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