Gabriel Attal has bad news for you -


The Black Monday of the depression over the announcements of the coronavirus therefore continues.

Government spokesman Gabriel Attal said on Monday that "there could be additional measures" to combat the expansion of the Covid-19 epidemic in the most affected cities, however refusing to say more for now.

"Yes, at some point, additional measures will have to be taken if the traffic that we have seen in recent days is still confirmed and accelerated," he explained on RTL, when asked about the cities where the virus is circulating very quickly, like Paris.

Protect the health of the French

"Yes, there could be additional restrictions," he repeated, in response to a question about a possible new turn of the screw for shops, bars and public places.

"Now, I cannot make the announcements to you, it is not my role to make them," added Gabriel Attal.

For the spokesperson, what "guides" the decisions of the government "is to protect the health of the French, to ensure that we do not put the French in a risk situation like the one we lived before confinement ”.

Vigilance and defense

Asked about the possibility of a Defense Council on Tuesday, the spokesperson did not confirm the date, sticking to a Defense Council at the Elysee Palace scheduled before the Wednesday evening speech by President Emmanuel Macron in television.

"Every week, there is a Defense Council which meets, which takes decisions announced in the wake", he underlined.

"And this week, there is the expression of the President of the Republic", he replied.

Jean Castex this Monday morning urged the French to be more vigilant in the face of a "second strong wave" of Covid-19, without excluding local reconfigurations.

"Nothing should be excluded when we see the situation in our hospitals," also warned the head of government.


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