[Poverty alleviation story] Bird guide in the Nu River Grand Canyon in Yunnan: attracting hundreds of birds to the "Golden Mountain"

  [Explanation] In Sanhe Village, Luzhang Town, Lushui City, Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, a "trend" professional "bird guide" allowed the villagers here to get rich while protecting the environment.

  [Explanation] Sanhe Village is located in the hinterland of Gaoligong Mountain in the Nujiang Grand Canyon. It is a veritable "bird paradise" with lush forests and rich species. You can see more than 200 species of white-tailed rainbow pheasant, fire-tailed green pheasant, blue-fronted red-tailed phoenix, etc. Birds are deeply loved by domestic bird lovers and photographers.

  [Concurrent] Villager Mibo 4

  There are two big trees in front of our house, there are Erythrina flowers. When the flowers bloom, the sunbirds rush to eat nectar.

So I usually have the most moonbirds in October and November, which is the peak season.

Then when there were more photographers, the economic income reached more than 6,000 yuan in two months last year.

  [Explanation] Recently, the reporter saw at the four bird watching spots in Mibo that only bamboo poles were used to introduce dripping water, without artificial feeding or deliberate attraction, and various birds would fly over to roost.

Mibo 4 is to provide guides, backpacks and other services for bird watching and photography enthusiasts.

  [Concurrent] Villager Mibo 4

  We are full of confidence in the development of bird agriculture. There is no discouragement, and we have never thought of giving up the development of bird industry.

  [Explanation] Mibo Si is just one of the many "bird guides" in Sanhe Village.

At present, the village has 15 bird watching spots and 45 "bird guides", including 19 registered registered households.

  [Concurrent] Zhang Chaojiang, a member of the Poverty Alleviation Team in Sanhe Village, Nujiang Prefecture Science and Technology Bureau, Yunnan Province

  So now we must first protect, protect the bird from being able to fight, feed the bird, and be friends with it, then it can really bring you benefits in the next step.

  [Explanation] According to data, from January 2019 to the present, the Sanhe Village Bird Watching Spot has received 4,360 domestic and foreign tourists.

The booming bird watching economy has also driven local agricultural and sideline products to sell well, extending the "trunk economy" and "birdhouse economy".

  [Concurrent] Zhang Chaojiang, a member of the Poverty Alleviation Team in Sanhe Village, Nujiang Prefecture Science and Technology Bureau, Yunnan Province

  Investigate the resources, build the bird spot, and guide our guests and source of visitors.

Using such a big bird industry to promote the entire tourism industry, after the successful pilot test in Sanhe Village, it will be extended to the four counties (cities) of the whole prefecture and turn our Nu River Grand Canyon into a real Nu River Hundred Bird Valley. Shooting birds is about biodiversity.

  [Explanation] As more and more people come to watch the birds, the villagers get to know the world beyond the mountains by dealing with "bird friends" at home and abroad.

A number of homestays and "bird homes" with the themes of "bird watching", "pastoral", "ecology", "ethnic characteristics" and "homesickness" are emerging.

  Dao Zhinan, Hu Yuanhang, Tang Yu, Yunnan Nujiang Report

Editor in charge: [Lu Yan]