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Complaints against Eric Zemmour are piling up.

After the departments of Loire-Atlantique, Gers or Landes, the departmental council of Finistère announced on Saturday that it had in turn filed a complaint against the polemicist following controversial remarks about minor migrants on television.

"These racist remarks, quite simply abject, constitute an incitement to hatred and undermine not only the minors received, but our Republic and our values, which are the basis of national cohesion", indicated the president of the departmental council, Nathalie Sarrabezolles .

Racism & the distillation of fear must be fought relentlessly.

Like many other left-wing Departments, the Finistère Department files a complaint against E #Zemmour and denounces the hate merchants who sell off the honor of France and republican values.

- N Sarrabezolles (@NSarrabezolles) October 3, 2020

The elected socialist also criticizes the CNews news channel where the polemicist made these remarks.

"I also denounce the complicity of certain television channels, such as CNews, which live handsomely by selling off our honor to make an audience with this racist and anti-republican columnist," adds Nathalie Sarrabezolles.

An investigation opened by the Paris prosecutor's office

Already sentenced for the same reasons to a 10,000 euros fine, Eric Zemmour asserted Wednesday evening that migrant minors are "thieves", "murderers" and "rapists", after the attack perpetrated last week in front of the ex-locals of Charlie Hebdo.

Several complaints have been filed against Eric Zemmour for his statements and the Paris prosecutor's office has decided to open an investigation against him, in particular for "incitement to racial hatred".


The CSA reports Eric Zemmour's words to the public prosecutor


A call for a boycott launched after Eric Zemmour's remarks on unaccompanied minors

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