With the game "Star Wars: Squadrons", become a pilot in the service of the Republic or the Empire -

EA / Lucasfilm

When it comes to

Star Wars


(and there are), most often it comes down to playing a Jedi or a pilot.

Mastering the Force, wielding laser sand, without going to the dark side, the program for becoming a Jedi is pretty obvious.

But what is a TIE Fighter or X-Wing pilot?

Know how to pilot?

For Ian Frazier, the creative director of

Star Wars: Squadrons

, available Friday on PS4, Xbox One and PC, “the ship is as important as the piloting.

Like the car in a racing game.

You want the most beautiful, the most powerful, the most personalized car ”.

You, your team, and the fastest star fighters in the galaxy.

It's time to become the galaxy's finest.

This is #StarWarsSquadrons!


- EA Star Wars (@EAStarWars) June 15, 2020

"You have the impression of being in the movies"


is therefore a space combat game, but also, in a way, a cockpit combat game.

"Our main focus is to feel the cockpit, controls, droid, and typical

Star Wars


, which is both reality and sci-fi," said James Clement, director of gameplay and game design. If the immersion is already there in 2D, virtual reality adds an additional dimension, another level of detail.

You feel like you're in the movies.

The cinema saga has of course been a source of natural and primordial influence, but Ian Frazier also cites the extended universe, with for example the Star Wars Rebels series but also space, the real one, with a visit to the museum of astronomy in Montreal, where the Motive studio is based.

Let's try a new game, how bad could it go?

Never tell me the odds ... # StarWarsSquadrons #VR @oculus @SaitekSim @MNSTRTECH pic.twitter.com/gx4cKoAGgx

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The cockpit, the sinews of war (stars)

"We studied all kinds of cockpits, then created our cockpits in hard, in wood, so that the actors play in condition, for real, that they have real reactions during the cutscenes," says the creative director.

“Some ships are also only seen briefly, partially, in the movies,” adds James Clement.

It was thus necessary to invent them, to create them, in collaboration with Lucasfilm.

It was the most exciting, the most fun.

Because James is a hard-core

Star Wars


, he had already built his own X-Wing cockpit.


He had also played previous space combat games in the franchise, with a preference for

X-Wing vs.

TIE Fighter

and the

Rogue Squadrons


The idea was also, like the derivative film 

Star Wars: Rogue One

, to offer with


a technologically advanced game but in the spirit of the first games, able to awaken memories.

The single player campaign invites players to experience the aftermath of Episode VI and the Battle of Endor, through the points of view of two pilots, one for the Vanguard Squadron of the New Republic and the other for the Titan Squadrons of the Empire.

“As in the movies,” comments James Clement, “Republic ships have shields but less power, while Empire ships are more vulnerable, but faster too.

It's all about the balance.


Me, being like a kid in my X-Wing going into hyperspace?

Not at all.

#StarWarsSquadrons pic.twitter.com/mPqXfFusin

- Antoine - FcT Ashaika (@ Ashaika90) October 3, 2020

The balance of force

As arcade is the game, it requires a little grip, so balance, less to take off than to ensure during space dogfights.

The eight ships available have their own specificities, and are customizable, enough to deepen the gameplay and attack strategies, especially in multiplayer mode (5 against 5) and its experience system.

Star Wars: Squadrons

is therefore aimed primarily at

Star Wars

fans, and those with their heads in the stars.

Often the same.


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