China News Service, Hong Kong, October 2-October 1st this year is the first National Day in Hong Kong since the implementation of the Hong Kong National Security Law.

Many newspapers published in Hong Kong on the 2nd reported that Hong Kong citizens celebrated the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival with a lot of space and pages.

Some newspapers published a commentary that Hong Kong’s national security law is so powerful that it has an immediate effect, and Hong Kong has entered a normal path from chaos to governance.

  On October 1, Hong Kong had a strong festive atmosphere, and people greeted the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival which coincided with the same day with joy.

Hong Kong's "Ta Kung Pao", "Wen Wei Po" and "Hong Kong Commercial Daily" reported on a large number of pages and pages that a number of schools held flag-raising ceremonies, fishing boat parades, lion dances, patriotic groups set up more than one thousand street stations to send lucky bags, and youth pop-ups. National flags and other holiday activities.

  Hong Kong's "Ta Kung Pao" editorial believes that although the epidemic has not ended and festivals have been restricted, there is no hindrance to the joy of Hong Kong people.

The security situation in Hong Kong has been fundamentally reversed, proving that the power of the national security law is enormous, with immediate results, and Hong Kong has entered the normal track of turning chaos into governance.

  The editorial said that the situation in Hong Kong was very different during the National Day last year and this year. The key difference is whether there is a Hong Kong National Security Law.

The chaos group and external forces are gone, but they will never be willing to fail. In the future, Hong Kong will not rule out the recurrence of local and small disturbances. However, the SAR government has the sword of Hong Kong’s national security law in hand. It can eliminate demons and demons at any time. The black storm is impossible to repeat.

  Hong Kong's "Wen Wei Po" editorial believes that after the implementation of Hong Kong's National Security Law, Hong Kong ushered in a major transition from chaos to governance.

On the National Day last year, the gangster campaign launched by the "Regulations Amendment Disturbance" was arrogant. The rioters blatantly attacked the police, and the public was panicked.

This year, the central government has decisively launched the Hong Kong National Security Law to stop violence and chaos in Hong Kong and correct chaos.

  The editorial mentioned that the Hong Kong National Security Law has been implemented for 3 months, and more than 20 people have been arrested on suspicion of violating the National Security Law, demonstrating the powerful deterrence of the Hong Kong National Security Law.

The general public also firmly supports the police in making good use of Hong Kong's national security laws, safeguarding national security, and protecting Hong Kong's law and order.

  The current commentary published by the "Hong Kong Commercial Daily" stated that the long-lost Anning is returning to Hong Kong, even if a few people intend to hold illegal demonstrations to cause trouble, it will be difficult to organize and scale.

Only when Hong Kong fills the national security gap can it have the confidence and social foundation to further develop its economy and improve people's livelihood.

Since the implementation of the Hong Kong National Security Law, black violence has been effectively suppressed, and society has returned to order and stability.

  Hong Kong's "Sing Tao Daily" commented that there was no serious riots in Hong Kong on National Day, precisely because the central government enacted the Hong Kong National Security Law to act as a deterrent. Hong Kong has been on the verge of disaster for more than a year. At the critical juncture, the central government decisively turned the tide and stabilized the situation. (Finish)