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What do we do not trust in God ?!


Ahmed bin Abdulaziz Al-Haddad

02 October 2020

Trust in God is the matter of the faithful believers who are confident in their Lord, who truly know that their Lord Almighty is the one who directs them and manages their affairs, so they do not deviate from trust in God Almighty with anything in all their affairs, as God Almighty told him about the masters of the trust who are the messengers, by saying, Glory be to Him: {And what We would not trust in God, and He has guided us our paths. ”The meaning is: What excuse for us not to trust in Him, God Almighty, with what He has given us of guidance for His knowledge and faith in Him, and He made clear to us that it is effective for what He wants, and there is nothing in His possession except for what He wants. For ourselves a benefit, no harm, no death, no life, or publication ?!

It is a denial question for those who refuse to trust in his Lord, glory be to Him, and relies on himself or his trick, and here the world has been living in the Corona epidemic for seven months, and he spent his sleep and did in it what no previous epidemic had done, even though this world is experiencing the height of its civilization and industrial progress And the knowledge and technical person, and despite that he remained unable to find an effective medicine to suppress him or stop him at his limit, so he indicated his helplessness and weakness, so he investigated in it the saying of the beloved, the Chosen One, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family: “And know that if the ummah meets with something they will benefit you only with something he has written God is yours, and if they gathered together to harm you with something, they would only harm you with something that God had written on you, the pens were raised and the newspapers dried.

The destiny that God has written for His servants in this affliction was not driven by drugs or precautions, for it continued to spread throughout the world the spread of wildfire, so the situation was as Ibn al-Wardi said in his illiteracy:

Leave the trick in it and rely * but the trick is to leave the trick

Yes, we trust in God and take the reasons ordered by the noble Sharia, and we do not stop our deeds and rituals and what our life requires and are permissible by our systems that care for us, and by that we obtain the reward of those who depend, and we relieve ourselves of fear, which is a major cause of doubling disease and weakening one’s immunity.

Trust in God Almighty in itself is a great act of worship. It requires the servant to love his Lord, the Glorified and Exalted, as he said: {So if you resolve, then trust in God. Indeed, God loves the dead, and He is the Messenger of those who have entrusted you with the prayer. In the most fearful cases: “Do not be sad, for God is with us.” He says: “What do you think, O Abu Bakr, of two of God’s third ?!”

All of this is to teach us how the trust in which the love of God Almighty is to be with him, this love that attaches to the impotent to the continuer is perceived by such trust, which is the work of the heart and reassures him of his Lord, glory be to Him, so it does not need effort or provisions, so perhaps this calamity that befell the servants will be a reason for them to realize this great virtue if They trust in God the right to trust him.

So we need to take advantage of this ordeal to be a divine gift, for there is no ordeal, otherwise it will be a gift if the servant accepts it well, is satisfied with his Lord, and works with what benefits him, and does not fail and does not hesitate, and what we need to be of the dependents in order to obtain their reward and forget the concerns of the epidemic and the scourge And we make our concern as one concern, which is how we work for our hereafter, which is our wealth, our stability, and our eternal life, how we prepare for a meeting with God, so we do what we love to meet Him, the Almighty, and he loves our meeting, as he said, peace and blessings be upon him: “He who loves meeting God is the most beloved of his encounter.”

You do not like to meet God unless you are entrusted with Him, entrusting you to Him, acting in obedience to Him, avoiding his sin, wooing Him with what He loves, avoiding what He hates, working for your hereafter as if you are dying tomorrow, and working for your world as if you are ever living, and you know that the world is not free of sickness, pains and calamities, nor It must be overlooked by distracting from it with what he forgets to benefit immediately and in the future. We need to be aware of God’s help for us.

Because we are the believers in him, who are confident of his promise, fearful of his promise, hope for his mercy, and thus we overcome what has befallen us with the sincerity of trust, and we realize the good of the future, God Almighty willing.

«Senior Muftiin Director of the Ifta Department in Dubai»

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