"I have a very big mess for you."

With this warning receives

Jesus Calleja


Fernando Simon

at the start of the program in which the epidemiologist spends four days of adventure with the presenter

Planet Calleja

in Mallorca and


broadcast this Friday in

prime time

(22.00 hours).

But the real mess the scientist got into was not because of the harshness of the







hot air flight




that Calleja had prepared for him, but because of the mess that ensued when it became known that the director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies had gone to record an entertainment television program in the heat of the wave of the covid pandemic.


The new season of

Planeta Calleja

is not yet ready for broadcast, but


has decided to advance the episode starring Fernando Simón.

"It would not have made sense to delay it long because it would have become obsolete," explained

Manuel Villanueva

, Director of Content for Mediaset Spain, during the presentation of the program in which he revealed how the unusual signing took place.

"Calleja called us to tell us that a program with Fernando Simón was closed," said the Telecinco executive, who confessed that at that time he did not give credit:

"It seemed unlikely to me that Simón would accept the proposal



But he accepted.

And he went to Mallorca.

And the controversy broke out.

“We knew that Simón's presence was going to cause controversy.

But we have never shied away from this », acknowledged Villanueva.

During the presentation, Jesús Calleja himself explained how he managed to convince the scientist to join the long list of names that have gone through his program, including

José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero

when he was President of the Government, or more recently the President of the Bank Santander

Ana Patricia Botín


«I called him myself.

He said to me directly: 'yes, I will go'.

I was very shocked,

"said the presenter:" He answered me directly, without asking anyone. "

"He has been the guest who has decided to come to my program the fastest,"

assured Calleja, who after the days spent in the company of Simón has drawn some conclusions about the personality of his guest: "I think he has a great capacity for uninhibited from outside pressures.

He is a somewhat rebellious person

, who does not allow himself to be advised much or influenced excessively.

During their adventure in Mallorca, Calleja and Simón chat at length about many topics: from matters related to the pandemic to others about the guest's personal life.

'He has not escaped any question.

He doesn't have that political ability.

He always responds frankly and up-front

", guarantees Calleja.


As revealed by the presenter, the call in which he proposed this trip to Simón occurred in the middle of the summer.

And a few weeks later the delivery in Mallorca was recorded.

Calleja did not want to reveal much of the program's content, but he did agree to reveal the reasons that led Simón to accept this controversial offer.

Calleja recounts what Simón told him: «I'm here because I couldn't take it anymore.

I am collapsed and I am no longer productive, to such an extent that if I don't mentally stop I can make mistakes.

We all have to stop at some point.

I like nature and I understood that it would be good for me to stop with you ».

Throughout the broadcast of

Planeta Calleja

this Friday, the exact and complete explanations will be heard from Fernando Simón, who also speaks out on questions such as whether the de-escalation was done well or whether the same thing can happen again this fall. it happened in April.

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