It is located in the largest natural national park in Dubai

The adventures of Hatta and “Wadi Hub” return with safety measures and precautionary measures

  • During the current season, more safety measures and precautionary measures have been taken at the site.

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The third season kicked off at Hatta Resorts and “Hatta Wadi Hub”, one of the most popular eco-friendly outdoor adventure destinations in the UAE. This experience is designed to provide guests with a real immersive experience that allows them to get away from the hustle and bustle of cities amid the mountains, and gives them the opportunity to enjoy the picturesque nature and outdoor adventures and places The open season, in an innovative and unique style that distinguishes it from any other local experience, and the new season will continue until the end of April 2021.

Hatta and “Hatta Wadi Hub” resorts will provide a wide range of activities and adventures, from camping trips to hiking trails, mountain biking and kayaking, as well as exploring the rich heritage of Hatta and getting to know more about the authentic Emirati culture, which greatly attracts researchers. For the thrill of nature lovers, families and lovers of holidays in exceptional destinations every year.

During the current season, more safety measures, precautionary measures and precautions were taken at the site, based on the official guidelines for the prevention of "Covid-19", with the facilities fully equipped for this purpose, and the necessary training for employees to provide assistance to guests in emergencies.

Hatta Resorts embraces the first eco-friendly mountain hotel trailer experiences in the UAE, within two distinct accommodations, namely “Hatta Sedr Trailers Resort” and “Hatta Damani Lodges Resort”, which were designed to provide an ideal haven for those interested in holidays in the embrace of nature.

Visitors can also enjoy the adventure of camping under the stars at the main activity center «Hatta Wadi Hub», where they can bring their own tents and camp for 129 dirhams on weekdays and 199 dirhams during weekends and public holidays, or bring their own (caravan) for camping. For AED 299 during normal weekdays, and AED 399 during weekends and public holidays.

Hatta Wadi Hub offers a variety of activities to suit all adventure enthusiasts of all tastes, from mountain bike training and rental, to mountain slope carriages and trampoline jumping.

Depending on the guests' desire, Dubai Holding is presenting this year three new activities, which are a 10-meter-high climbing wall that includes five climbing lanes with different difficulties to suit different ages, the slingshot that drives those looking for fun and excitement to a height of up to 50 meters and paragliding.

- Various activities have been added to the new season, such as wall climbing and zipline.

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