Suicide of women in their 30s or younger 74% increase compared to last year The impact of the new corona is also on October 2, 6:49


Women's suicides are on the rise now.

In particular, suicides among women in their 30s and under increased by 74% compared to last year, and experts said, "Although it is thought that there are various effects of the new coronavirus, women are around even if they are stressed by child-rearing or housework. It may be difficult to consult with them in many cases. "

According to the National Police Agency, the number of people who committed suicide during the month of August was 1,854 nationwide, an increase of 251 or 16% compared to the same period last year.

By gender, males are up 6% from last year, but females are up 40%.

In particular, suicides among younger women in their 30s and younger increased by 74% from last year, killing 193 people in a month.

"Notice the sign"

A 25-year-old woman in the Kanto region, who works in the welfare industry, had an attempted suicide attempt and wrote on SNS in July that she wanted to die.

A woman says, "The rhythm of life is disrupted and I feel darker and darker due to the effects of the new coronavirus, including those around me."

He said, "I can't carry all my friends and family, but I feel it's important to be connected even a little. I want you to notice a small sign when you want to die."

Expert "Measures such as expansion of consultation system"

Satomi Takahashi, a visiting researcher at the Institute of Humanities, Chuo University, who is familiar with the problem of suicide, said, "The increase in suicides as a whole may be due to the effects of the new corona virus, such as the deterioration of work performance and loss of work." I'm talking.

Regarding the increasing number of women in their 30s or younger who commit suicide, "Women tend to feel anxious about illness, and even if they are stressed by child-rearing or housework, they often stay at home, making it difficult to consult. The environment may be one of the factors, and there is a possibility that the psychological burden may increase, such as not being able to meet friends or being affected by the suicide of a celebrity. "

He points out that "the government needs to improve the consultation system, analyze how much psychological burden it has, and take measures."