Ministry of Defense "Electronic Warfare" Specialized Unit to be Newly Established at 6 Locations Nationwide Next Year October 2, 6:26

In order to strengthen the response to the "electronic warfare" operation over electromagnetic waves, which has become increasingly important in the military in recent years, the Ministry of Defense has decided to establish new specialized units at six garrison locations nationwide next year. It was.

In the field of defense, electromagnetic waves have become indispensable for communication equipment for command and control and radar for finding enemies, and the strategy "electronic warfare" over electromagnetic waves that interferes with the communication and radar use of the other party is In recent years, military importance has increased worldwide.

The Ground Self-Defense Force has a specialized unit in Hokkaido, and plans to set up a new unit of 80 people in Kumamoto prefecture within this year, but in order to further strengthen the response, next year, it will be stationed at 6 locations nationwide. We have decided to establish a new specialized unit for "electronic warfare".

Including the Asaka garrison that straddles Tokyo and Saitama prefectures where troops with headquarters functions are located, the garrison where specialized troops are newly established extends from Hokkaido to Okinawa, and aircraft and ships from other countries that pass around Japan This is for collecting information about the electromagnetic waves used.

In addition to building a system that centrally manages and analyzes the collected information, it will also develop the ability to interfere with the communication and radar use of the other party in the event of an emergency.