A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily pursued the armed police officers and soldiers who were on duty at Tiananmen Square yesterday-

  Why do tourists holding umbrellas and sentries retreat frequently?

Armed police officers and soldiers on duty in the rain photography/Li Chao

  National Day on the job

  Yesterday, a video of "Sentinels on duty in the rain, many citizens waiting for the flag-raising ceremony in the rain took the initiative to hold umbrellas for them."

In the video, in order to prevent the citizens from holding umbrellas, the sentinels took the initiative to take a step back. The five-character password of "one step back and go" also made many netizens cry.

Netizens have said that at this moment, the military and civilian fish water conditions are vividly reflected.

A reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily learned afterwards that most of the armed police officers and soldiers guarding the adult wall around the national flag area were treated as tourists.

According to disciplinary regulations, officers and soldiers cannot hold umbrellas when on duty, so the soldiers also consciously stepped back.

  Yesterday, a reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily contacted Yue Xiaolong, the squad leader of the 15th Squadron, the first detachment of the Beijing Armed Police Force, who was on duty at the fence on the west side of the national flag area.

In an interview with a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily, he said that although he is not the soldier in the video, he also issued the command "step back and go" in the rain.

  According to Yue Xiaolong, he and his comrades arrived at the post on the west side of the national flag area before 1 am on October 1. At this time, many tourists gathered outside the fence of the square.

"Hello, comrades, please stand outside the guardrail to watch, thank you for your cooperation." "Everyone keep your valuables to prevent theft. Comrades with children, please take care of their children"... As more and more tourists , Yue Xiaolong constantly reminded the masses to raise their awareness of self-protection and did their best to maintain the order of the flag-raising ceremony.

  At about 2 in the morning, the sky in Beijing suddenly started to rain. Before Yue Xiaolong and his comrades had had time to put on raincoats, they continued to rain to maintain order.

As the rain got worse and worse, some tourists saw that Yue Xiaolong and others' clothes were wet by the rain, and they couldn't help but stretch their umbrellas across the guardrail.

Yue Xiaolong said that in accordance with regulations, they should wear raincoats uniformly issued by the troops when it rains on duty, but the tourists have been reluctant to remove their umbrellas.

  "Take a step back, go!" Yue Xiaolong had to issue such a command, only to see the group of sentinels take a step back in unison, reaching a position "out of reach" for the tourists.

Yue Xiaolong said that the comrades shown in the video are the same as him, “We must perform our duties in accordance with regulations when on duty. We have our own raincoats, but the rain came suddenly at that time and we had not had time to change them...” Yue Xiaolong told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, Despite this, the tourists' behavior still moved him. He and his comrades in arms wanted to say that this storm is nothing, because the military and civilians are family members and they are willing to shelter the people from the wind and rain.

  At 6:11 yesterday, with the sound of the "Volunteer March" music, the five-star red flag was also rising, but in this scene, recruit Liu Zonghui could not see it after "00", but could only hear it.

Liu Zonghui was a recruit who enlisted in the army last year, and this year is also his first National Day duty.

His guard post is located in the underground passage at the northeast corner of Tiananmen Square, and out of this passage is the east side of the Tiananmen National Flag District.

He told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter that he is on duty here and his most common job is to answer the questions of passing tourists: "When does the flag raising ceremony start?" "How do we get to Tiananmen Square?" "Where should we stand to watch the flag raising?" Liu Zonghui answered questions like this a hundred times, but he still patiently answered them one by one, hoping that these tourists from afar can observe the magnificent scene of flag raising as they wish.

  In front of the Tiananmen Gate, the sentry standing on the middle bridge of Jinshui Bridge was particularly conspicuous.

During the National Day, the heads of people in front of Jinshuiqiao were crowded, but he remained motionless like a "bronze statue".

He is Zhang Yibo. He has been on duty on Jinshui Bridge for three years. Zhang Yibo's standing time was from 12:00 to 14:00 yesterday, which was the time when there were the most tourists on this day.

  Zhang Yibo went off the guard post and accepted an interview with a reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily. He said that he chose to perform duties on the Golden Water Bridge and under the roots of the Red Wall at the great time of National Day, and he must always show the best image.

Zhang Yibo told a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily that the two actions of "stand upright and steady" seem simple, but they are not easy.

He smiled and said that in order to practice these two movements, a pin was placed on the side of his neck, and his head would be stabbed when it was slightly tilted.

"Because one's own image represents the facade of the motherland, strictness has become a habit."

  Text/Reporter Liu Jing