A call to boycott CNews was launched after Eric Zemmour's remarks about unaccompanied minors.



Barely five days after his conviction for insult and incitement to hatred, Eric Zemmour does it again.

On CNews Wednesday, the polemicist attacked unaccompanied minors, calling them "thieves", "murderers" and "rapists".

Words which once again provoked a lively controversy.

On Twitter, SOS Racisme announced to file a complaint against Eric Zemmour.

Elisabeth Moreno, the Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister in charge of Equality between Women and Men, Diversity and Equal Opportunities, for her part qualified the polemicist's remarks as "abject and racist", and asked to seize the public prosecutor.

🔴 #Zemmour: @SOS_Racisme files a complaint against the polemicist who declared last night on @CNEWS that "young people with an immigrant background (...) are all thieves, they are all murderers, they are all rapists. ”

We grabbed the @csaudiovisuel #BoycottCNews pic.twitter.com/UPmGqoFzET

- SOS Racisme (@SOS_Racisme) October 1, 2020

Another abject and racist outing of Eric #Zemmour on the set of @CNEWS.

I spoke this morning with the president of @csaudiovisuel and I asked @DILCRAH to seize the Public Prosecutor.

- Élisabeth Moreno (@ 1ElisaMoreno) October 1, 2020


A call to boycott CNews was also launched on social media.

A hashtag relayed by Valérie Trierweiler in particular, who in her tweet calls out to the Superior Audiovisual Council.

I don't want to spread the ignominy of racist comments by #Zemmour on @CNEWS.

But what is the #CSA doing?

How long will he continue to spread his hatred?


- Valerie Trierweiler (@valtrier) October 1, 2020

As a reminder, on September 25, Eric Zemmour was fined 10,000 euros for insult and incitement to hatred after a violent diatribe on Islam and immigration in September 2019 during a political rally in Paris.


Eric Zemmour fined 10,000 euros for insult and incitement to hatred


Sentenced to three months in prison for having verbally threatened Eric Zemmour

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