Well-known bands all over the country help out more than 30 music festivals, the directors of various rock and electronic music exhibitions are "restless" this holiday

  Affected by the epidemic, the performance market has pressed the "pause button" for 8 months this year, and now it is gradually recovering. According to incomplete statistics from the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, there were more than 50 music festivals across the country from August to October. Official announcement.

Among them, there were more than 30 games in October.

  Music festivals generally last for several days or weeks. In previous years, they were held from April to May, such as the Pinggu Peach Blossom Music Festival, Midi Music Festival and Fangshan Wheat Field Music Festival last year.

However, affected by the epidemic this year, the first domestic music festival started in August-the Chongli Taiwu Midi Music Festival from August 15 to August 16.

Because it was the first outdoor music festival after the epidemic, it attracted many fans, and more than 2,000 tickets were sold out within half an hour after ticketing.

The first music festival in Beijing was long overdue. It wasn't until the Strawberry Music Festival kicked off in Beijing Expo Park on October 5th that the fans were shouted: "Get upset!"

  Music festivals are usually open-air and are not subject to venue restrictions to accommodate as many fans as possible.

However, under special circumstances this year, most music festivals have adopted current limiting measures (4,000 to 10,000 people). At the same time, fans are required to wear masks, enter the venue to scan health codes, measure body temperature, and prepare disinfection sprays in the venue. This is also this year. The music festival is the biggest difference from previous years.

  In previous years, many music festivals were chosen to be held during the National Day holiday. This year, the ones that were originally planned to be held in October in the golden autumn and those postponed due to the epidemic have all rushed together, resulting in October becoming the big month of the music festival.

  I have been fighting the epidemic at home for a long time, so it's time to plan the itinerary for the golden autumn and October. Participating in the music festival is a good choice!

  According to the different characteristics and artist lineup of each music festival in October, the following groupings are now made, and readers and music fans can choose the one they are interested in.

  October performance (partial)

  Rock's Choice

  If you love rock music and are a fan of the Strawberry Music Festival, you can choose the music festival in your city or the nearest, convenient transportation or favorite singer.

  ■10.1 Dongying Strawberry Music Festival

  Sorrow/ Houhai Big Shark/ Tour Group/Tizzy T/ Jiulian Reality/ Mecader/ Low Wormwood/ Wutiaoren/ Manshuk

  ■10.2-4 Chengdu Strawberry Music Festival

  Dada Band / Five People / Mosaic / Luminous Curve Longevity / Universal Youth Hostel, etc.

  ■10.4-7 Fuxin Strawberry Music Festival in Liaoning

  New trousers/sorrowful/universal youth hotel/houhai shark/dada band etc

  ■10.5-7 Beijing Strawberry Music Festival

  New Pants/Sorrow/All-purpose Youth Hotel/The Right to Reshape the Statue/Five People/Houhai Shark/Joyside, etc.

  ■10.16-18 Changsha Strawberry Music Festival

  New pants/sorrowful/gojo, etc.

  Trendy choice

  Following the Chongli Taiwu Midi Music Festival, the "Midi School" will also land in Shanghai to host the "East Coast Midi School" music market.

In addition to band performances, the "Music Market" will also have many interesting artists and merchants, presenting a special area for cultural and creative activities that are full of artistic impact and fun, such as Midi Production & Band Co-branding and Artist Co-branding Peripherals, Vinyl Records , Independent hand-made, trendy brands, graffiti, etc.

More importantly, this music market is free of charge.

  ■ 10.1-7/10.16-18

  "East Bank Midi School" Music Market

  Miss Mix/Rooling zoos/Island Mood/Sound Toys/Finch

  ■10.1-3 Shanghai Guochao Music Carnival

  Xu Song/Huang Minghao

  ■10.1-4 Wuxi Meets a Good Life Festival

  Second-hand Rose/Chen Hongyu/Peace Hotel/White Paper

  ■ 10.3-6 Chengdu CEA Trend Culture Exhibition

  Anti-general / Xu Mengyuan

  ■10.6-7 Nanjing Forest Music Carnival

  Pu Shu/Ding Dang/Zhao Lei/Mosaic Band

  ■10.11 Tsingtao Beer Sky Music Festival Dezhou Station Wujoren/Hedgehog Band/The Oval·Oval Band, etc.

  Holiday choice

  If you have already planned to take a vacation in a tourist city or use the holiday to go back to your hometown, and this city is about to host a music festival, it is also a good choice to drop by and experience the culture of the music festival.


  ■10.1-2 Wenchuan Panda O2 Ecological Music Season

  Xu Wei/Zheng Jun

  ■10.1-3 Ulan Qab BGM Union International Music Festival

  Zhao Lei/Qin Qi/Hanggai Band/Face Band/Heaven Band

  ■10.2-3 Qinghai Longyangxia Fire Music Festival

  Heisa Band/Mountain Wind and Wind

  ■10.5-6 Weifang Lime Music Festival

  Xie Tianxiao/Universal Youth Hotel Band/Chen Hongyu/Nine Treasure Band

  【Electronic Music】

  ■10.1-3 Inner Mongolia DREAMLAND Electronic Syllable

  Wang Yitai et al

  ■10.1-4 Suzhou Paradise Forest International Electronic Music Festival

  Jane Zhang/Li Sidney


  ■10.2-3 Qingdao Phoenix Music Festival

  Li Yuchun/Li Ronghao/Wu Yifan/GAI Zhou Yan/Xu Song/Good Sister/Black Panther/Face/Second-hand Rose/Hedgehog/Wang Xiaokun/Sisi Yufan

  ■10.2-3 Nanjing Midou Music Festival

  Li Jian/New Pants/Yang Yang/Hedgehog/Joyside/The Right to Reshape the Statue/The Five Men

  ■10.2-5 Tianjin Ryefield Music Festival

  Da Zhangwei/Zheng Jun/A Duo&Future Nation/Hedgehog Band/Landlord’s Cat/Little Ghost (Wang Linkai)

  ■10.3-4 Jiangsu Dongtai Yellow Sea Forest Music Festival

  Xu Wei/Mao Buyi/Ji Kejunyi/Penicillin/Jiulian

  ■10.4-5 Chengdu Cactus Music Festival

  Zheng Jun/Piao Shu/Wu Tong/Zuo Xiaozu Zhou/Hedgehog Band/Jiulian Reality/Naiwan

  [Beautiful view]

  ■10.5-6 Beidaihe Anaya Music Festival


  ■10.6-7 Hello Lijiang·Life well·Xueshan Midi Night

  Lineup to be determined (one of Xu Wei, Pu Shu, Zheng Jun)

  Text / reporter Shou Penghuan

  Coordinator/Liu Jianghua