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negative review

of a hotel in Thailand can land an American tourist in jail.

They ask for him no less than

two years and a fine of $ 6,300

(about 5,400 euros) for defamation, according to the owner of the tourist complex himself, who has sued him.

The review in question was posted by the traveler on the Tripadvisor portal after visiting the

Sea View Resort & Spa on Koh Chang,

the second largest island in the Asian state.

Wesley Barnes,

an American citizen who currently resides in Thailand,

traveled there

to enjoy a few days at its facilities, immersed in a


topped by

turquoise waters

and fine white sand beaches.

But the tourist did not like the complex, located on the east coast of the country,

about 300 kilometers from Bangkok

, the capital, so he made a negative comment on Tripadvisor.

A "hostile and unfriendly" staff

In his review, he claimed that the resort staff were "hostile" and "unfriendly" and that they acted in

ignorance of customers


"" He acts like he doesn't want anyone to be here, "Barnes wrote. Sea View Resort & Spa management

did not like the review at all,

so they filed a complaint against him for defamation and making" unfair criticism, "according to AFP reports to the Koh Chang police.

One of the villas in the complex that the American tourist criticized.

For this reason,

Barnes was arrested by the island's police,

but managed to be released after posting bail.

The laws against defamation in Thailand are very harsh, and you can remain in prison for more than two years.

Not surprisingly, numerous

human rights organizations

have harshly criticized this type of sanction.

Previous cases of defamation

It is not the first time such a case has occurred.

In December last year, a journalist from the country was sentenced to

24 months in jail


speaking ill of a chicken farm

through the social network Twitter.

However, no one criticized in the Asian state that the king of Thailand himself spent the quarantine surrounded by 20 concubines in a luxury German hotel in the hardest moments of the coronavirus pandemic.

For their part, different

media in the United States

have also spoken out against the possibility that one of its citizens could

lose their freedom

after simply expressing their opinion about a hotel establishment.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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