A Covid-19 screening test carried out in the center of Toulouse on September 29, 2020. -

Frédéric Scheiber / Sipa

The numbers of Covid-19 in Occitania continue to worsen.

Tuesday evening, the Regional Health Agency (ARS) said that 1,140 positive cases were found per day on average, and that 6.6% of tests carried out (about 100,000 during the past week) were positive.

These data are similar to the previous ones, released last Friday.

But in four days, the number of hospitalizations continued to rise, for a total of 393, including 121 in intensive care.

592 people died in health establishments.

[#Coronavirus] Tonight in #Occitanie, 393 people are hospitalized (+44 since Friday) including 121 in intensive care (+23).

Faced with the # Covid19 virus, each preventive action protects our most fragile loved ones.

📌 Check out the latest @ARS_OC recap: pic.twitter.com/J0sHMSBgwO

- ARS Occitanie (@ARS_OC) September 29, 2020

It is in Haute-Garonne more than elsewhere that the figures are panicking.

Thus, 29 of the 44 new hospitalizations observed in Occitanie since Friday have been recorded in the department.

Of these new patients, 18 (out of a regional total of 23) were admitted to intensive care.

Four times more patients in intensive care than two weeks ago

More generally, this last service, which welcomes the most seriously affected patients, has seen the number of Covid-19 patients quadruple in this department, where Toulouse is particularly affected by the circulation of the virus.

With two new deaths (11 in the region), Haute-Garonne has reached the threshold of 100 victims of Covid-19.

Coming back to the regional scale, 45 of the 168 epidemic outbreaks (or clusters) identified to date have been identified in nursing homes.


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