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  men take it easy, it’s just a joke by the female jokes

  On Chinese screens, women’s humor is always based on acting ugly and mean.

From Song Dandan, who played the role of the old lady "Baiyun", to Jia Ling, who is known as the "female man"; from Cai Ming's poisonous tongue to Ma Li's laughter, female laughters sporadically set off the splendid galaxy of male humor.

  Until this season's talk show conference, female talk show actors suddenly became popular. They contracted nearly a hundred hot searches, and the way to please the audience has changed from simple and rude to tickle the meat to a large number of female issues.

Bring into the space of public discussion topics that care about the real situation, such as urging marriage, birthing, body anxiety, and professional women.

  The twin actors Yan Yi and Yan Yue complained about marriage, saying: "The urge to marry is like experiencing a mental diarrhea. I thought it was finally over. Once I stood up, it came again." "The organization of marriage is particularly mysterious. Once you enter, you have to develop offline."

"A flower in the workshop" Zhao Xiaohui's classic quote is "The best age for women to get married is 54 years old, because at that time there was a job, but no work; assets, but no loan repayment."

  In front of the microphone, the women showed their personality, experience, knowledge, self-deprecating ability and thinking about the present.

Zhang Yuqi, who was a "smile leader" at this talk show conference, said, "The world of talk shows is finally not only about the values ​​of straight men." Female contestant Yang Li complained about straight men's blind confidence and pushed traffic to the top.

Related Weibo topics have nearly 200 million views, and the performance clips have been played more than one million times after the show went live 3 hours.

  Yang Li has long hair, is gentle, self-deprecating and being at the tipping point of being more beautiful is not funny.

When you are about to put your guard down, she pours you another sip of strong wine.

"The more you like what, the less my old lady will grow."

  In the previous talk show, Yang Li kept the irony to the end.

People who love her really love her, and many people hate her.

Like many topics today, people quickly split camps, mocking and attacking each other.

  It is said that humor originates from a kind of offensiveness, and talk shows are the art of offense. It is fun without taboos.

Yang Li had to respond that her own jokes were not created for attack, but from a female perspective, recording the moments that "inclined".

She clearly remembered that in an offline performance, she told some stories about women. Two men in designer clothes sat in the corner, holding two bottles of wine, and laughed at her appearance with a smile.

  "I and some of my friends around me are struggling, how can I prevent myself from becoming an object of aesthetics." Yang Li said.

  For the talk show actress, the challenge has only just begun.

Yan Yi and Yan Yue talked about a paragraph about armpit hair on the show. When offline, it was originally talked about with menstrual shame, to the effect that girls should take out sanitary napkins to cover them, and cover them for armpit hair. Hidden, after that, when girls go out, they stick the tampon under their armpits and raise their arms when they encounter bad guys. Can they be used for self-defense?

  Later, the sanitary napkins were deleted, and the armpit hair was also prompted not to be suitable for high-profile discussions.

Even so, this paragraph still sounds powerful enough, because women have been aphasia for too long, and there are too many details of life that have not been put on the table.

  When they talked about people's attacks on Yang Li, they said that sometimes the point is not what you said, but as long as women master the skill of satire, someone will feel threatened.

  Few people ask women to have a sense of humor in the conditions of mate selection, but it is a plus for men.

Jeffrey Miller, an evolutionary psychologist at the University of New Mexico in the United States, explained that in evolution, more women choose men. They prefer funny men because that is a sign of strong cognitive ability, and men have learned to show humor and wisdom. , Appear to be stronger than other men, thus attracting a spouse.

  Women are naturally more tolerant and warm.

If a woman shows male-like humor, revealing aggressiveness and competitiveness, it is offensive-many men will feel this is a threat, subconsciously regard this "fun" woman as a competitor, and fear She became the object of her teasing.

  Finally, a woman is gradually filling the gaps in the history of funny, using the delicate observation that women often have to break up life, deconstruct and show people a smile, she is no longer an assist or a foil, she is the main body of making jokes.

  Everyone smiled and it was over. The discussion of gender antagonism was vigorous, and it seemed like men and women had a lot of hatred.

A blogger sighed that those microblogs that made good sense of data were not as widely spread as the microblogs that attacked the opposing camp. In the end, nothing was left, only the malicious and hashtags from both sides.

  Many contradictions are not gender contradictions at all, and there is no zero-sum game between men and women.

Isn’t it good to talk about each other and give each other strength? Just like Li Dan said: “In my eyes, there are only good actors and bad actors, but no actors and actresses.” One sentence is offended, and that’s too much. The performances of talk show actors take seriously, and they don’t take men’s self-confidence too seriously.

  Yang Jie Source: China Youth Daily