Ahmed Al-Sakka with Amir Karara and Karim Abdel Aziz, accompanied by Ahmed Makki

Drama makers are betting on "dualities" ... and a sudden absence of "the leader"

  • Adel Imam gets a break from drama this coming Ramadan.


  • Yousra chose a new series with El Adl Group.



Egyptian drama makers seek to come up with new ideas to add luster and elements of suspense and excitement to the series, especially during the most prominent season, during Ramadan, when the competition is most intense.

One of the most prominent tricks of the drama makers for renewal is the "dual" factor in the series, as more than one star will be gathered in one act to make the championship binary, while each of the two names of the two work champions was responsible for making a large mass series, but he will play with "binaries" as the first card on Next Ramadan betting table.

Among the most prominent new works is the series "Naseel Al-Ghurab", which witnesses a first dramatic cooperation between Ahmed Al-Sakka and Amir Karara. It was written and directed by Muhammad Sami, and he was a candidate before the artist Muhammad Ramadan’s repertoire, had it not been for the difference in the arrangement of his name on the work, and his desire to put it. Besides Ahmed El-Sakka, what made him completely outside the accounts of the authors of the series, which is produced by Synergy.

As for the second bilateral work next Ramadan, it is titled “The Wasp's Nest,” and it brings together the two stars Mustafa Shaban and Amr Saad, and it is written by Muhammad Sayed Bashir and directed by Ahmed Khaled Moussa.


One of the most prominent surprises in the Ramadan 2021 drama in general, and in terms of duels in particular, is the second part of the series "The Choice", which will bring together the two stars Karim Abdel Aziz and Ahmed Makki in their first collaboration ever. The series is directed by Peter Mimi, and it is written by Hani Sarhan. And production company Synergy.

Regarding Ahmed Makki, he is strongly rumored that he will star in another series for the Ramadan show on "MBC Egypt".

So far, Makki has not decided whether he will present a new comedy, or a sixth part of the "Al Kabeer" series.

The artist Mohamed Ramadan will appear in a series that can be called in the fashion of dramatic artistic duos this year, as the Egyptian artist, Bassem Samra, was contracted to participate in a series named "Musa" by the author Nasser Abdul Rahman.

And it is reported that Samra's role is a 50/50 championship with Ramadan, and not just an important role.

The series "Cairo Kabul" will join the bilateral tournaments in Ramadan, as it will bring together equally in its tournament between the two stars Tariq Lotfi and Khaled Al-Sawy, and the artist Fathi Abdel Wahab will also participate in a pivotal role in the work that witnesses the participation of Hanan Mutawa and Nabil Al-Halafawi, and the series written by Abdel Rahim Kamal, directed by Hossam Ali.

Focus on cinema

One of the unhappy news is that star Adel Imam decided to miss Ramadan drama this year.

He said that he would like to rest and devote himself from the drama to focus cinematically on an artistic work with his son Muhammad Imam, entitled "Al-Wad and his Father."

But the Ramadan season will witness the return of the star Yahya Al-Fakharani to the drama with a new series entitled "Naguib Zahi Zarkash" after a two-year absence period since his last work "Family Size" 2018.

As for the big stars, the star Yusra chose a new series with El Adl Group, the author Ahmed Adel and director Sameh Abdel Aziz, who are the team of her previous series "Betrayal of Ahd", for her Ramadan 2021 drama.

At the star level, actress Yasmine Rais returns to the drama after an absence of three years since the series "I am famous, I am the traitor" to play the female lead in the series "Musa" by the star Mohamed Ramadan.

More than a "king"

The artist Amr Youssef returns after an absence also in the series "The King", in which he will present the character of Ahmose, the chaser of the Hyksos.

The series is about the novel "Good Struggle" by the international writer Naguib Mahfouz

In the name of "The King" also, the artist Muhammad Imam returns to the drama after a year absence since his last work "Hogan", but because of the determination of the family of the series "The King" by Amr Youssef to use the same name, the name of the Muhammad Imam series will be changed and until now he has not settled on a final name.

Muhammad Ragab returns to the drama through the series "Blow Mawalim", and it has not yet been determined whether this work will be shown in Ramadan or before that.

Ambiguous position

There are a number of stars, their position is still ambiguous so far in the Ramadan drama, and they are seriously threatened with leaving the Ramadan race, headed by superstar Nelly Karim,

And Yasser Jalal, after his apology for the Khaled bin Al-Walid series, without convincing reasons.

As for the artist, Aser Yassin, so far he is outside the map of Ramadan 2021, and despite his nomination to participate in Karim Abdel Aziz, the series "The Choice", the role went to Ahmed Makki and Asir left empty-handed.

The Failure of the 'Men of the House'

After the failure of comedian Ahmed Fahmy last year in the series "Men of the House" with Akram Hosni, the "duo" has not yet announced any drama project for Ramadan. Close sources said that he decided and Akram Hosni had decided to devote himself to the cinema in the coming period and move away from the drama until they find good works that will bring them back. Powerfully together or each actor in a separate act.

Life returns

Dramas returned to life, and filming of some postponed series from last year due to the "Corona" crisis, including the artist Mona Zaki series "Crossroads", has been resumed.

In addition to the series "Silk Thread" by Mai Ezzedine.

The star Ahmed Ezz has also resumed the starring of the series "Counter Attack", which artist Hind Sabry also returns to the drama after an absence of three years, and after canceling the project of the series "Jamila and the Sultan", which she would star in last year.

Adel Imam will focus on cinema through a work with his son Muhammad Imam, entitled "Al-Wad and his Father."

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