Two people died Joint site verification due to Toyobo factory fire Aichi Inuyama September 29, 12:27

On the 27th, a fire broke out at a factory of a major chemical fiber manufacturer in Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture, killing two people and injuring one. Police and fire departments jointly conducted on-site inspections from the morning of the 29th. , We are investigating the cause of the fire.

Around 9 pm on the 27th, a fire broke out at the Inuyama factory of Toyobo, a major chemical fiber manufacturer in Inuyama City, and the two-story steel-framed building and the machinery inside were burnt.

Two employees, Kiyofumi Takahashi (55) from Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture, and Akihiko Machikata (37) from Gifu City, who were working nearby in the fire, died of carbon monoxide poisoning and were 34 years old. A male employee had a slight burn on his throat.

Around 9 am on the 29th, more than 10 vehicles with police, fire department, and labor standards inspection office staff entered the factory premises, confirmed where the burning was intense, and employees who were on the scene about the situation at that time. We are proceeding with on-site verification by listening to stories from.

According to the company, the building manufactures films for wrapping food, and smoke is emitted from a machine that heat-treats and stretches synthetic resin, but the machine was turned on at that time, but it was temporarily operated for cleaning. It means that it was in a stopped state.

The police and others are investigating whether there was a problem with the cause of the fire or safety management.