Thousands of miles of marriage are connected by a "net".

The seemingly good online dating and dating, but risks are everywhere.

The woman Zhang lied to nearly 300 victims in the name of being in love for more than two years by posting a marriage advertisement on the Internet.

When there is no real progress in the relationship, these men pay for travel expenses, rent, medical expenses, etc. Each person is defrauded from several hundred to several thousand yuan.

200 yuan red envelope in exchange for "cry poor" call

  In early August 2019, Xiao Zhao, a 33-year-old single man who worked in Changshu, Jiangsu, joined a single dating QQ group and met a female netizen who claimed to be from Pingxiang, Jiangxi, named "Zhou Xiaoli". He was divorced and single with children alone. Life is not easy.

"Zhou Xiaoli"'s emotional narration aroused Xiao Zhao's desire to protect, and immediately expressed her willingness to help her.

"Zhou Xiaoli" also seemed to understand the minds of single men. During the chat, she asked Xiao Zhao Xiehan. Xiao Zhao, who was trapped by the single, felt very warm. She felt that she was very sincere. The two talked very happily, and soon established a man and woman. Friendship.

  Xiao Zhao wanted to cherish this fate. He thought that he had met true love, and he didn't mind that the other party took the child. After learning that his girlfriend had no money to pay the rent, Xiao Zhao immediately sent a 200 yuan red envelope to show his heart.

In the eyes of Xiao Zhao, whose income is not high, the 200 yuan red envelope has been calculated to be very generous.

But "Zhou Xiaoli" called and cried out in tears, saying that she owed 700 yuan in rent, saying that even if Xiao Zhao helped her pay the rent owed, she would have nowhere to go in the future, and she took the initiative to return 200 yuan to Xiao Zhao.

Seeing this, Xiao Zhao couldn't help feeling pity, and without much consideration, he asked "Zhou Xiaoli" to bring her children to Changshu to find him. Not only did he intimately offer tolls for the road, but also willingly paid for the rent and electricity for "Zhou Xiaoli".

  Early the next morning, Xiao Zhao also asked with concern whether the ticket was bought?

Faced with inquiries, "Zhou Xiaoli" Gu left and right, and said that he had borrowed 400 yuan from the landlord to see the child's doctor, and he had to pay it back before leaving.

Yesterday it was rent, electricity, and road expenses. Today it was medical expenses. Will there be other expenses afterwards?

Xiao Zhao began to feel puzzled, so he ignored "Zhou Xiaoli".

"Zhou Xiaoli" did not receive Xiao Zhao's transfer for a long time, so she blocked Xiao Zhao.

  It was discovered that Xiao Zhao, who had been blocked, realized that he was probably deceived, and went to the police station to report to the police.

At this time, "Zhou Xiaoli" is preparing to welcome the next "boyfriend"...

Weaving the "net of love" is just for their money

  After investigation, the police found that there were more than one similar cases, and after hard work, clues gradually gathered.

On September 17, 2019, the suspect Zhang was arrested and brought to justice. Zhang was a person who claimed to be "Zhou Xiaoli".

As the case was handled step by step, the police found that Zhang was very difficult.

  Zhang is 31 years old this year and is already a mother of two children. He cannot work to take care of the children and his husband's income is not high. Life is a bit embarrassing.

Usually, her husband is busy for life and ignores her, so Zhang looks for emotional sustenance on the Internet.

She met a Hebei netizen in a friend group. The two chatted very speculatively. Zhang and her husband would also complain to the Hebei netizens if they had a conflict. The Hebei netizens would say some heart-warming words to enlighten her and let Zhang Some felt very warm.

At the beginning of 2017, Zhang, who was divorced with her husband, took her little daughter to Hebei to "run in cash" with netizens.

At that time, the Hebei netizen transferred 500 yuan to Zhang in advance.

What Zhang did not expect was that Hebei netizens sent her home after spending a day with her.

Zhang, who was desperate and penniless, was able to return home only after borrowing money from his relatives for the return journey, and the divorce was no longer mentioned.

  However, this experience made Zhang think of a "way to make money", by adding unfamiliar men to QQ and WeChat to determine the "love" relationship, and fabricate some reasons for the "boyfriends" to send red envelopes and transfer money, so that money can be paid in. Now, life that was already struggling can also be improved.

After making up his mind, Zhang began to mix in various QQ groups for marriage and love, posting marriage advertisements in the groups, saying that he hoped to find a single male with average but honest and reliable living together.

The simple conditions for making friends have allowed single men who want to find someone to take the initiative to add them as friends.

Then, Zhang elaborately weaved a "net of love" with fancy words, waited for the fish to take the bait, and used the other's sympathy to fabricate various reasons for fraud.

  In order to increase the success rate of fraud, Zhang, who thinks that he is not outstanding enough and cannot easily gain the trust of men, finds some beautiful pictures from the Internet as QQ and WeChat avatars to arouse male favor.

Relying on this simple and inferior deception method, Zhang's QQ, WeChat, and Alipay continue to have money into the account, which also makes Zhang difficult to extricate himself.

The investigation revealed that in the two years from 2017 to 2019, Zhang used the method of online friends to strike up a conversation with the victim many times. After gaining the trust of the victim, he fabricated excuses such as "meeting requires travel expenses", "payment of rent", and "seeing a doctor". Successfully defrauded nearly 300 men, involving more than 400,000 yuan.

After the scam is punctured, use "confession" to get out

  For more than two years, Zhang’s husband had no idea that his wife flirted with a stranger on WeChat. Later, he discovered that his wife who had no job had money in his hands, and Zhang had won money by playing mahjong. After prevarication, the police didn't learn about Zhang's fraud until the police came to the door, and was shocked.

  In handling the case, the prosecutor found that, unlike other criminal suspects who used similar means to defraud, after being exposed to the scam by the "boyfriends", Zhang would take the initiative to admit that he was a liar, and would tell the other party "sincerely": " I lied to you, sorry! You are a good person, there are too many online scammers, next time you don’t trust people like this again, you have to take care of your wallet and can’t easily transfer money to others, sincerely wish you..." More than two years , Zhang "really blessed" nearly 300 former "boyfriends".

  After receiving Zhang's "confession", many victims thought that it was not easy for her to live alone with her children, and they were all gone.

Most of the victims knew afterwards that they had been deceived. Because the money deceived was not too much and it was troublesome, and because of their faces, they did not want family and friends to know. They often chose to swallow their breath without calling the police. This created a way for Zhang to avoid public security investigations. condition.

  According to Zhang's account, most of the money scammed was lost by her in online gambling.

"If the police had arrived earlier, I wouldn't have gone so far on this road..." Zhang regretted his fraudulent behavior. "You arrested me. It's not so much punishment, but it's rescue. Up me."

  Subsequently, the Changshu City Procuratorate prosecuted Zhang on suspicion of fraud.

On July 17, the court heard the case.

On September 2, Zhang was sentenced to eight years and six months in prison and fined 40,000 yuan.

  Chen Ya