"BTS has become a millionaire"

Foreign press on the 28th (local time) reported on the public announcement (IPO) of BTS' agency Big Hit Entertainment, highlighting the members of the BTS who will be listed as stocks.

Big Hit announced that the competition rate was 1,117.25 to 1 in the demand forecast for institutional investors, and that the public offering price was decided at 135,000 won.

Big Hit's market capitalization based on the public offering price is approximately KRW 4.8 trillion.

In response, CNN Broadcasting reported that Big Hit's corporate publicity "made BTS as a millionaire, and producer Bang Si-hyuk became a billionaire."

CEO Bang owns 43% of Big Hit's stock, and prior to listing, on the 3rd of last month, all 7 BTS members were given 478,000,695 shares of common stock equally.

According to the public offering price determined at 135,000 won, BTS will own 9.23 billion won worth of shares per member.

Converted to dollars, it amounts to $7.8 million.

CNN broadcasts, "BTS is a 7-member group compared to the Beatles' success, and has fans called'Ami' around the world." It helped."

Some foreign media have also paid attention to the impact of BTS fans on the Big Hit listing and future stock price trends.

Billboard, a media specializing in pop, reported that "institutional investors as well as fans are lining up" in relation to BTS fans' motion to subscribe to public offerings.

Entertainment media variety predicted that "BTS conspirators were priced at a price that reflects the enormous interest of fans," and "The actions of the BTS fan corps can further raise the stock price of Big Hit."

(Photo = Provided by Big Hit Entertainment, Yonhap News)