• Health. Doctors, "stunned" by the discrepancies between Sánchez and Ayuso in the management of the pandemic in Madrid

The president of the

Collegiate Medical Organization (WTO)


Serafín Romero

, has considered this Monday that with the epidemiological data that



, this community should "drift almost to a

phase 1

" and in the rest of the country it should adopt "a level more restrictive ", except in



Romero responded this way when asked if in Madrid the measures should be toughened in a press conference of the

Forum of the Medical Profession

, of which the


is part

, called to answer the question of whether there are a lack of doctors in Spain.

It has warned that there will be more and more victims, hospitals are going to be overloaded and professionals are going to be more tired, so more measures have to be taken and not look the other way.

"With the figures that Madrid has, it almost had to approach phase 1 and everyone would have to do more than what is being done, except Asturias", stressed Romero, who has warned that in Spain "the pandemic has surpassed ".

"Stunned and outraged"

After acknowledging that a balance must be maintained between the control of the pandemic and the economic and social situation, he assured that "if we do not fix the health, the rest is doomed to a true tragedy. We cannot fall back on the same stone" .

Romero recalled that a month ago the General Council of Medical Colleges said that it was necessary to take a turn at the helm and propose a single command in public health, and has denounced the political debate on this issue, which he said to attend "astonished and outraged ", and that" it is not leaving us very well "internationally.

The president of the doctors has wondered what it takes for there to be an expert opinion that sets the guidelines.

"What is grotesque to us is that we do not have a common basis in decision-making," said Romero, who recalled that



Castilla y León

have asked "loudly" for there to be a single scenario for taking



In the same sense, the president of the

State Confederation of Medical Unions (CESM)


Tomás Toranzo


has stated

, who has asked for the same parameters for all of Spain and has urged to "leave" the debate between the Government-Community of Madrid.

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