A Syrian writer and teacher kills his daughters and commits suicide in Tartous, revealing the reason on Facebook


The Syrian writer and mathematics teacher, Ghadeer Salam, reported widespread shock in Syria and the coastal governorate of Tartus, especially after he killed his three daughters and committed suicide, while his wife survived the horrific massacre and was taken to hospital for treatment, according to sources, local media and social media platforms that reported the news.

The details of this frightening case are still unclear, as many rumors are circulating as an orchestrated incident and it is not what it appears, especially since no official statement has been issued about it.

Ghadeer Salam, who knows himself as a nonfiction writer, dramatist and poet, had written a post on Facebook announcing his intention to kill his three daughters and then commit suicide, against the backdrop of a problem with someone, presenting vague and incomprehensible justifications.

Ghadeer Salam said in his post: “When you read, I have committed suicide and killed my daughters because of the threats of the person called Ahmed Adira Abu Yasser, who lives in Tartous, and he is from the jungle in Hama. On the 27th of the month, that is, today, and we disagreed with a 3-hour delay, that is, the ninth hour at night as the maximum.

Ghadeer Salam added: “And for compelling reasons, which he knows and explained to him in detail, and he did not try to accept or understand them, knowing that I mentioned them to him in a lengthy message on Facebook Messenger, first and I completed the explanation and confirming the compelling delay today, but he did not accept that because of his group that presses him, according to him .. Ahmed’s threats were Regarding my killing and killing my daughters and burning us, as shown in an audio recording of him in my tap, which is a recording today ... and he and those behind him are able to do so. ”A

wide range of Syrians expressed their shock after hearing the details of the horrific crime committed by the Syrian writer and poet, against himself. And his family, expressing their surprise at his embarkation of such a crime that does not reflect his characteristics and nature.

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