Jidiao Island, covering an area of ​​less than one square kilometer, is located at the junction of Fuqing, Changle, and Pingtan in Fujian. There are no roads or bridges connected to the mainland here, and residents on the island rely on ferry boats to enter and exit.

When the weather is bad, the ferry can only be suspended due to sturdy wind and waves.

57-year-old Wang Jinping is the only doctor on the island and has been here for 34 years.

Moved the health clinic back to her one-person clinic for 24-hour consultation

  Wang Jinping is a native of Jidiao Island. In 1985, she graduated from the Fuqing Health School at the time. As a secondary school student who graduated in the 1980s, Wang Jinping could have chosen to work in a town hospital.

Wang Jinping’s uncle is a doctor in the town’s health center, and he often goes back to the island to see the residents during his break.

His word made Wang Jinping stay on Jidiao Island.

  "My uncle said that there must be no doctors on this island. You should come back to the island."

  At that time, the resident population of Jidiao Island was about 1,000. When Wang Jinping returned to the island as a doctor, there was finally a resident doctor on the island.

You no longer need to cross the sea to the island when you need a doctor as in the past.

  Wang Jinping sees a doctor, day and night.

In those years when there was no electricity on Jidiao Island, Wang Jinping's evening visits were all under the dim light of kerosene lamps and candles.

The trouble Wang Jinping has encountered is more than that.

Initially, the clinic’s house was rented, and the landlord took the house back whenever needed.

In desperation, Wang Jinping moved the health clinic back home.

  "The child was still young, and every night when someone knocked on the door, my whole family woke up and felt too bitter."

Wandering to pick up medicine in winter, she suffered from rheumatism

  Only Wang Jinping is the only person in the health clinic. In addition to seeing a doctor, she has to take care of other things, such as taking medicine.

The pharmaceutical company is only responsible for sending the medicines ordered by Wang Jinping on board. After arriving at Cattiao Island, she needs to use a pole to carry the medicines weighing tens or even hundreds of catties back to the health clinic.

The road on the island is steep and it is very difficult to walk with a shoulder.

In the past, there was no wharf, and when the tide was low, the boat could not get to the shore, so Wang Jinping rolled up his trouser legs and waded to the boat to get medicine.

In winter, the sea was bitterly cold, and Wang Jinping suffered from rheumatism.

The birth attendants on the island welcome the birth of more than 200 newborns

  As the only doctor on the island, Wang Jinping has to deal with a variety of diseases, including internal medicine and surgery, and traumatic sutures.

Soon after returning to Cat Diao Island, she found that the pregnant women on the island had difficulties in giving birth, so she specialized in studying outside the island and began to deliver babies on the island.

  “It’s very nervous to deliver a baby for the first time. There are so many delivery doctors and nurses in the hospital. I am the only one on the island, so I will cheer myself up.”

  After graduating from technical secondary school and returning to the island, to the country's suspension of family deliveries in 2001, Wang Jinping welcomed more than 200 newborns on the island, without any problems.

It’s good to listen to the voice when you are separated from your family for many years

  In 1993, according to the policy, the household registrations of Wang Jinping's mother and younger siblings were transferred to Haikou Town in Fuqing City along with her father who worked in the town.

Therefore, Wang Jinping is faced with the choice of whether to leave the island and enter the city with his family.

  "It's very hard here, and sometimes I want to stop doing it. But there are many old people on the island. The old people rely on me like their own children. What should they do if I leave?"

  In 1994, Wang Jinping's eldest son left Jidiao Island to study in the city. According to the local custom, his mother had to go to the city to accompany his children when they left the island to study.

But Wang Jinping was reluctant to leave Jidiao Island, so he entrusted the child to his mother and younger siblings in the city.

  In 2002, Wang Jinping's youngest son also wanted to leave the island to study in the city. Because he always felt that he owed the children, this time, Wang Jinping made up his mind to leave Jidiao Island and accompany his youngest son to study in the city.

  "I told an old man who came to see a doctor that I would accompany my youngest son to school. The old man said that we don’t have a doctor anymore. Don’t so many old people wait to die? Hearing this, tears came out of my eyes. ."

  The old man's words made Wang Jinping dispel the idea of ​​outlying islands.

She handled boarding for her son, and again entrusted her to his parents and younger siblings in the city.

Wang Jinping's husband was also away all year round. After the youngest son left the island, only Wang Jinping was still living on the island.

  "It’s okay after 10 o’clock in the evening. It’s good to make a phone call with the child. Sometimes I just want to turn on the TV and distract my attention. When the children grow up they say they understand me, but I Sometimes I feel that my mother has done..."

"Someone asks how much your salary is? You can say as much as you like"

  Times are changing. In the 1990s, more and more young people are working on outlying islands. Most of the people who stay on Kattiao Island are the elderly and children.

Lin Daokang, 84, is from Jidiao Island. He suffers from pneumoconiosis and is usually unattended. Wang Jinping comes to him regularly for check-ups and medication.

  "I know their disease well, what medicine to take and what medicine they are allergic to. Many of them don't know what medicine they are allergic to."

  Many residents on the island are illiterate. Every time when they are given medicine, Wang Jinping will mark the medicine bottle to remind the residents to take the medicine according to the dosage.

"Draw horizontal lines on the medicine bottle, one horizontal is once, two horizontal is twice."

  For patients like Uncle Lin, Wang Jinping only charges a small fee, or no fee at all.

This is why she has to do everything by herself and never pays to hire people.

Although the clinics on Cat Diao Island belong to the local health system, Wang Jinping does not have a fixed salary, and she can only earn a meager income from sitting in the clinic.

  "Some people don't understand, what do you think you are doing here? You live a life like this by yourself. The state should pay you a high salary, otherwise how can you sustain it? I won't explain. Some people come over and ask. What is your monthly salary, do you have five or six thousand? I said you can say as much as you want."

Moved to the patient's home for medical treatment after physical injury and stayed on the island after retirement

  Doctors are not iron-clad, there are times when there are headaches and there are accidents.

At this time, Wang Jinping can only rely on herself.

  Once, she broke a rib on the way to the doctor. Before her injury was healed, an old man’s child came over and said that her mother was very ill, unable to go to the ground and unable to eat, and asked Wang Jinping to lose it. liquid.

Wang Jinping endured the pain, limped, and moved to the old man's house.

  "The old man is very guilty, you are doing this yourself, come over and hang the bottle for me. I will comfort her, move it back slowly after hanging it, and move it slowly the next day, and continue to hang it for her."

  Now, Wang Jinping is 57 years old, and he has reached the age of retirement. His sons and daughters are already married and have children. They hope that Wang Jinping can return to the city to live with them and share the family happiness.

But Wang Jinping chose to stay on the island.

Only during the Spring Festival each year will the whole family get together in Fuqing for a few days.

  "The first day of the new year is over, and I will come back on the second day. I don't worry about the elderly on the island. I am afraid that they will have some problems in the middle of the night and there is no place to find a doctor. I rarely go out to travel, and even remember the elderly on the island. go with."

  "If my body permits, I will continue to stay on the island to serve the villagers."